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161 Skylanders Swap Force
162 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas

Rainbow SIX Vegas rocks! Realistic weapons. Great story mode. Outstanding online mode with XBOX live gold. Earn better weapons as your play progresses. Online play not affected by single player mode.

This game is tactically supreme.

I fail to see how anyone who isn't either a non-player of a complete git can rate some of those games up there better than this.

This game is for people who have evolved past call of duty. - nickyjames

this game kicks ass in every way!!!!!!

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163 GUN
164 Ninja Gaiden II
165 Uno

Uno is a very tasty game. The cards taste like salami, mixed with bacon juice. Also, I like birds.

166 Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

I love all dead rising games even the first

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167 South Park: The Stick of Truth

Funniest game ever. I love it. - danielwotsits


This game has unbeliveable weapons that you use. Alex Mercer is an awesome guy that had an infection in him giving him a blade, claws, whip, hammer fists, This is a power" Muscel arms. ", armor, thermal and infected vision! - my111

I just stumbled across this game and it is great. It is fun using the powers to wade through hordes of infected and you can roam pretty much anywhere on the game.

This was a Great Game!
I Different type of free Roam game & I loved it!

You were pretty much invincible in this game! - Curti2594

It must have been higher on the list

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169 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas V 1 Comment
170 Kinect Disneyland Adventures
171 Deus Ex: Human Revolution
172 Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2
173 Resident Evil: Revelations
174 Dishonored

This game is so much fun! From the start, it was designed for people who enjoy a melee type game. The whole campaign just takes you for a ride, and it makes a game just SO good! Definitely my personal favorite game on the Xbox 360 😁😁😁

175 NHL 14 V 1 Comment
176 Dirt
177 Batman: Arkham Origins

Come on! You gotta be kidding' me, this game carries such beautiful graphics and a great story, I think this is way better then ALL Batman games, should be at least at 15 or 20!

Great graphics... stuning story all that joker mastermind... great better than assasins creed black flag and hitman plus I love the stealth takedowns

178 Lego Indiana Jones 2 the Adventure Continues

My 8th Favorite game ever - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

179 007 Legends
180 007: Quantum of Solace
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