Top Ten Xbox Achievements That Could Be In Real Life

Props for my new poster I have on my wall. Also, would you try it if it did happened?

The Top Ten

1 Fish Fingers - Grab something out of a disgusting substance
2 CatDogs and DogCats - Prove a teacher wrong when being denied
3 The Monty Hall Failure - Go into the wrong room
4 Dude! Where's My Marbles? - Blow someone's top off during their annual day
5 Fight! Fight! Fight! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! - Start an argument
6 Squirrel Delicacy - Punch someone in the nuts
7 Oops, Wrong Game! - Perform a grand theft auto
8 One Life Down, Two To Go - Recover from a hospital visit
9 A Near Haircut Missed - Be in the place right before it's debut
10 YouTube Whore!!! - Upload a viral video

The Contenders

11 He's on Fire - Burn your meal
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