Should you buy/all you need to know: Xbox One S + future of gaming

Some people have said that I don't add anything new anymore other than updating remixes, and this has mainly been true due to me being so busy in real life. So, I thought I'd add this post to kick-start things again.

Xbox one s:
Some people think the Xbox One S is just a slim, white version of the existing One. They are very wrong. It is actually quite a significant jump ON ONE CONDITION: you have a 4k tv. If you don't, it's mainly just a cosmetic upgrade not worth the money. I will be buying the 2tb one on its August 31st release date because my dad bought be a 4k tv not too long back.
The existing Xbox One is limited to 1080p hd, meaning it isn't compatible with a 4k tv. You can hook them up as mine are, but the best you'll get is normal hd on it. The tv tries to upscale it to 4k but the xbox doesn't allow it. HOWEVER, THE XBOX ONE S DOES. Meaning if you have a 4k tv the upgrade will be large, whereas if you own a regular hd tv then there won't be much visual difference other than newer games looking better, such as the drop dead gorgeous Forza Horizon 3. The One S upscales games to 4k (not native 4k, that will be introduced with the Scorpio Xbox end of next year), and also has a true 4k blu ray player. It is also much smaller than the normal One, is white with an updated controller included, holds the power brick internally rather than externally which means more room, and can have a much larger hard drive. Therefore, I'd recommend upgrading.

Scorpio Xbox and Ps4.5/neo
Xbox and Playstation are also bringing along upgraded consoles, but they aren't coming until end of next year. These consoles are FAR more powerful than the existing ones, run at true native 4k, and are completely compatible with virtual reality headsets (heralded as the future of gaming, headsets where you're in the game and even have to look round in real life to look round in the game).
Microsoft have confirmed the Scorpio Xbox will run at 6 terraflops. To put that into perspective, that's 4.5x more powerful than the Xbox One, 4x more powerful than the Playstation 4, and 1.5x more powerful than the upgraded playstation is rumoured to be. That's crazy. It will be ridiculously powerful for a console and will look stunning with a 4k tv and hdmi. It's a while away however, so if you buy a One S you'll get just over a years worth of it before you upgrade to the Scorpio. The Playstation Neo doesn't seem as good as the Scorpio, but still sounds crazily powerful and will no doubt be cheaper and sell better.

There are some brilliant consoles and games coming for Xbox. Games include Forza Horizon 3, DragonBall Xenoverse 2, Battlefield 1, TitanFall 2, Call of Duty Modern Warfare remastered, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Gwent, Dynasty Warriors 9, Star Trek Online, Gears Of War 4, Mafia 3, etc. Fun times for gamers.


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