Top Ten Things Better on Xbox One S Than a PlayStation 4 Pro

Sony's PlayStation 4 and Mirosoft Xbox One Had released in 2013 with their eighth generation console line with a significant difference in comparison. They also have another significant in refreshing their consoles again then. So We had counted down on the reasons that It's more sense to buy A Xbox One S than a PlayStation 4 Pro.
The Top Ten
1 Ultra-HD Blu-ray Player
2 Backwards Compatibility
3 Mod Support
4 Price
5 Xbox LIVE
6 Xbox Play Anywhere
7 It's Bundled With Games
8 More Storage Opinions

Opinions, don't you mean devices?

9 It's Smaller
10 Xbox One S Controller
The Contenders
11 The game pass

It is like a Netflix but with games instead of series and movies. -Good thing about game pass: You can play lots of games without even buying it.
-Bad thing: You need to pay for playing them, unless if you buy the game;

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