UFO: Enemy Unknown: Random video game review

Ahhh! Aliens! People actually called me crazy for saying i believe them! They also said Metal is satanistic, except for Nickelback!
(NOTE: No! This is not a joke!)
And if there is one game, that simulates an alien invasion better than any million dollar army project, then it's the UFO series!
And today I'll talk with y'all about the first AND MAYBE BEST ENTRY in the series!

UFO: Enemy Unknown is a turnbased strategy game. It's splitten into two major parts, one is the combat part, where you'll fight off aliens in randomly generated maps and the second is an overview over the entire earth, where you have to manage your base and can shoot down aliens!

The game is packaged with dozens of things you have to manage! Your bases, planes, research, it can drive you completly insane! And if you waste the money and don't make much progress certain countries can just leave the XCOM project and if too many are out, well
Bye, bye then! ^.^

The combat part is set on like I said randomly generated maps, which makes your playthrough different everytime you make one! You can't make one single mistake or else your soldiers get blown away to your left and to your right! But while this can get frustrating at times, it is a part of an amazing different character development, where you'll have your stories of your Ranbo, who grows stronger and stronger and makes this one thing where he nearly died, but then he shoot that guy! THAT WAS COOL!

But if you should get too good, the developers just put inone of the greatest trolls, where aliens attack YOUR BASE! Yeah, that was awesome about this game!

UFO: Enemy Unknown has a story, which only revolves around aliens attack us! Nothing much more! While it does it's job this game is just far more gameplay heavy!

The soundtrack is'nt anything outstanding, hell, I did'nt even notice it for the most part, but it does it's job!

The graphics are pretty outdated, mainly because it's already over 20 years old! But still it has it's charme!

So UFO: Enemy Unknown is a extremly gameplay heavy game and deserves a
9,5/10 with the adjective "amazing"
It's so brutal and let's you think heavily about every decision you take! It is one of the most intelligent games ever created and if you're looking for a intellectual challenge, this is the game for you!