Top 10 Xenoblade Chronicles Moments


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1 Shulk Slicing Zanza Clean in Half with His Own Sword

Nothing can beat the final blow to the game.

2 Dickson's Betrayal
3 Egil Threatening to Cleave the Entire Bionis in Half
4 Dickson's Death
5 Egil Goes Down with the Mechonis
6 Zanza vs Meyneth
7 Mumkhar's Death
8 Riki's Introduction Scene
9 Dunban's Blossom Dance
10 Reyn Attempts Fishing

The Contenders

11 "You Can't Have a Rainbow Without Reyn, Baby!"

This isn't a moment, but idfc, this was beautiful

12 The Revelation that the Entire World of the Game Was Actually Created by Former Mortals Zanza and Meyneth
13 Realizing that Sharla and Reyn Respectively Come from Colonies 6 & 9

Wow I wished I saw this sooner.

14 Xord's Death
15 Otharon's Last-Second Rescue
16 "Now It's Reyn Time!"
17 Crossing Gaur Plains
18 Traversing Central Factory
19 Climbing Mechonis Field
20 Egil Blows Up Galahad Fortress
21 Sharla Reunites with Gadolt
22 "Sharla, with You Around, I Fight Three Times as Hard!"
23 Changing the Future During Battle
24 Shulk Confronts Zanza
25 Wishing for a World with No Gods
26 Alvis Recites a Classic Speech from the Final Boss of Xenogears
27 Dickson's Transformation
28 Zanza Dual-Wields the Bionis and Mechonis Monados
29 Reyn Sees the Big Shiny Button in the High Entia Tomb... and Presses It
30 Krelian Leads a Massive War Against the Mechon in Sword Valley
31 Dunban Learns Mumkhar's True Motivations
32 "You'll Pay for Your Insolence!"
33 Riki Gets Thrown Directly Into Reyn's Face
34 Entering Agniratha
35 The Mechon Attack Colony 9
36 Shulk's Possession Plot Twist
37 Shulk is Overwhelmed by the Monado's Power
38 Zanza Dealing Literally One Point of Damage with His So-Called "Power of a God"
39 "Just Goes to Show, Brawn is Better Than Brains!"
40 "Ridin' the Waves, Man!"
41 "the Future... Doesn't Belong to You!"
42 Reyn Hits Riki Like a Volleyball
43 Riki Salutes You
44 Reyn Realizes that Shulk Has Become More Powerful Than Him
45 Exploring the Fallen Arm
46 Shulk Convinces Dunban Into Sparing Mumkhar's Life
47 Mumkhar Gets a Lightsaber
48 Dunban Gets a Lightsaber
49 Shulk Gets a Lightsaber
50 Reyn Attempting to Wield the Monado
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1. Shulk Slicing Zanza Clean in Half with His Own Sword
2. Dickson's Betrayal
3. Egil Threatening to Cleave the Entire Bionis in Half



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