Best Xtrullor Songs

Xtrullor is amazing!!! These are my favourite songs by him.

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1 Supernova

Probably one the best songs I have ever heard in my lifetime. The piano is absolutely beautiful and chilling, and the dubstep drops are fantastic! It has the perfect balance of orchestra and dubstep, creating one of the most beautiful songs ever! And to top it all off, the drops are so AWESOME! - Zohaib

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2 Tria

A really catchy awesome song. Very upbeat at first, and the the dubstep drop comes, which is SOOO GOOOD! The dubstep is so hard, yet flows so well. Awesome song - Zohaib

3 Ichor

Amazing and Beautiful. The orchestra is fantastic. It's so grand, and it makes the song beautiful. Drop is good, but the orchestra is amazing! - Zohaib

I love this song even more than Supernova. - wrests

4 Ego Death

Incredibly awesome and crazy song! Has the most brutal dubstep drops ever! First drop is great, but the second drop is SO BRUTAL! Awesome song - Zohaib

5 Paracosm

Definitely one of his best songs! Great and awesome sound design, and amazing drops. First drop is AWESOME! And the second drop is EVEN MORE AWESOME! Fantastic song. - Zohaib

The Drop Went Complete OverLoad, This Is The Reason I Love Xtrullor. Skrillex Is Meh Comapred To This.

6 Cry

Awesome song, has a really creepy, and evil atmosphere, and the dubstep drop is amzing. The groans make the song have a really dark vibe, and I absolutely LOVE IT! - Zohaib

7 Sheol

Good tribal vibe, scary with hints of creepy creeping sounds. The Drops are AMAZING (especially the second one) Very unique song. - thedinosaurgeek

Three words: The second drop - Zohaib

8 Corrosive

Where to begin with this song. If angry was a song, it would be this song. I love this song! The raging melody, and the crazy dubstep is perfect! Awesome song! - Zohaib

Its as if a seizure could be a song, I love dubstep, and I know a great song when I see one.

yes good!

9 Screamroom

This song is SO GOOOD! Is the perfect song. An amazing beginning, a great melody, and one of the most hard, brutal drops I have ever seen! It gives me chills every time. This song is befitting for a scream room. - Zohaib

10 Earthsplitter

A powerful old english acoustic violin song

The Newcomers

? Zelda Palace Theme II Remix

Sounds cool but still not his best song

? Reverie

The Contenders

11 Nirmiti

Should be higher up - thedinosaurgeek

12 Sphero

Nice and very dark song

13 Jnana

Jnana is perfectly in every way, his heaviest dubstep, his most emotional orchestral melody and is exactly what resembles Xtrullor

14 Nine Circles

A great remix, of a great song. I love the feel of the song, and I love what Xtrullor did to the song. The drops especially are really awesome! Xtrullor took one of my favourite Rukkus songs, amd turned it into something amazing! The original nine circles is still better though, no offense. But still, an awesome remix. - Zohaib

15 Hate Everything

Should be I HATE EVERYTHING's theme song - Neonco31

16 Event Horizon

Nice percussive drop and orchestra

17 Event Horizon
18 Humanity


19 Karma
20 Birth of the Sun

It's beautiful - thedinosaurgeek

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Top Remixes

1. Ichor
2. Earthsplitter
3. Supernova
1. Supernova
2. Tria
3. Ego Death



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