Top Ten XYZ Yugioh Cards

These are the best XYZ monsters in all of yu-gi-oh, in my opinion. P.S. Most of the cards on my list r Numbers

The Top Ten

1 Number 99: Utopic Dragon

Number 99 utopic dragon attack is really high.4000 attack is the same as obelisk the tormentor

It is so stupid on

This is the best XYZ monster I know of. If you use Utopia ray it'll gain attack and It's immune to effects. It is Awesome. - Pluslepalo

2 Wind-up Zenmaines

This one let's me (yes, I have this one) work as 3 tributes so I can Play my Grand Jupiter card. - Pluslepalo

3 Number 78: Number Archive

This one cannot be guaranteed to work, but sometimes you're lucky enough to get another number - Pluslepalo

4 Number S39: Utopia Prime

It is pretty good considering it can banish all of your opponent's XYZ cards - Pluslepalo

5 Number C39: Utopia Ray

If being able to overlay Number 39 Utopia to summon isn't enough, it can boost its own attack points and lower another monster's attack. - Pluslepalo

6 Yu-Gi-Oh! - Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon

It can be pendulum summoned which is pretty darn good considering its whopping 3000 attack points. - Pluslepalo

7 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon

It is easy-ish to summon and it comes in handy for an attack by a medium sized number card like 50, or 10 cause of a sudden 500 extra attack points. - Pluslepalo

8 Number 96: Dark Mist

This card is so OP it can absorb your opponent's attack it is just so hard 2 summon. - Pluslepalo

9 Baby Terragon

This card make a level one deck amazing what with the fact that it lets level ones attack directly. - Pluslepalo

It's "Tiragon".

10 Raidraptor - Ultimate Falcon V 1 Comment

The Newcomers

? No. 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Hunter

This monster is crazy. When the opponent has a card with 5000 attack and it kills your last defense monster, you can summon this in and smash the monster and give the opponent a whooping 5000 life point damage. - TheGoldenRifle

The Contenders

11 Number 39 Utopia

This card can stop an attack + it is easy to get the cards for XYZ summon in your hand and then on the field. - Pluslepalo

He is amazing my friend always beats me with that card. It can Negate an affect

It's Utopia. and you have card's higher ranked then Utopia, but most of those cards are based off Utopia

12 Number C88: Gimmick Puppet Disaster Leo


Opponent: "Oohh I have a monster that somehow has 5000 attack and will crush you for good~! "
Me: "C88: Gimmick Puppet Disaster Leo. (Gets the requirings.)" "I won." - TheGoldenRifle

13 Cyber Dragon Infinity

I have it in my deck it's attack isn't bad you just back it up with some counter spells and equip him with machine conversion factory and your good

It can turn all monsters into overlay units and negate all card effects I mean come on

14 Neo Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon

The best XYZ killer in the game.

best - tying

Op effect

it is op

15 Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Strings


16 Number 101: Silent Honor ARK

Wow just wow


17 Rocket Arrow Express

All you need to do is have no cards on the field to summon it but you can put stuff on the field after it is summoned and it has 5000 attack points

Super op.

18 Evolzar Laggia

Probably the best rank 4 xyz ever. A free solemn judgement? sign him up

19 Red-Eyes Omega Dragon
20 Nigrum-The Creator of Darkness
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1. Number 99: Utopic Dragon
2. Wind-up Zenmaines
3. Number 78: Number Archive



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