Best Yandere Easter Eggs

Hello, this is a list of all the best yandere Easter eggs.

The Top Ten

1 Bad Time Mode

The most badass mode, there is even a blue glow in her eye.

Moving bones, cool lasers and the ability to lift people around? Now that is cool, I bet this mode was made to repersent the skull in the occult room.

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2 Cirno Mode

Cirno mode is like the strongest and coolest Easter egg with the best animation because of the ice that shoots out of her hand.

Now this is my favourite, ice is a super strong power and you can even fly which is cool, you can kill Senpai and teachers too.

3 Falcon Mode

I really like this mode but I really hate the speed you get but at least you're faster than the teachers.

4 Bad Romance Mode

This mode looks cool I can't wait until its finished.

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5 Punch Mode

This one is so cool because when yandere punches she says yandere punch!

No yandere punch is in falcon mode

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6 Slender Mode
7 97 Mode
8 Gallo Mode
9 Ebola Mode
10 Punish Mode

The Contenders

11 Titan Mode V 2 Comments
12 Cyborg Mode

It may not be the best, but it is one of the coolest looking.

13 Huntress Mode
14 Bayonetta Mode
15 Nude Mode
16 Kon Mode
17 Pose Mode
18 Hatred Mode
19 Long Skirt Mode
20 Spooky Mode
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