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1 Oka Ruto

Okay but we all need to agree that oka is the cutest

No doubt that Oka is the best. And I will never kill her in the final game!

The cutest character!

She's the best - RoseCandyMusic

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2 Midori Gurin

YANDERE-DEV, YANDERE-DEV! *insert stupid and/or obvious question here*

YANDERE DEV YANDERE DEV! Are the players able to join the gaming club? I love Midori so much! She's is my favorite character

YANDERE DEV YANDERE DEV! Why is there an incinerator in the school?!?!?!

Stupid but hilarious.YANDERE DEV! YANDERE DEV!

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3 Yandere-Chan

She's different a character with no emotion that tries to fit in when really doesn't feel anything and just wants to experience feelings I've never seen a character like that before and her voice is the best. - OfficialSonic

All she wanted was senpai to notice her. IS THAT ALL TO ASK FOR lol

4 Info-Chan

Coolest character ever

Info chan is a dark,twisted character who is shrouded in mystery.No one knows her face and real name so she's nicknamed info chan.She sells information to people she trusts at school.One person is Ayano because she wants Osana's downfall as much as Ayano does.Info sells information at the cost of a 'panty shot'.Take a pic of someone and she tells you about them.Shes a sly,unknown figure who isn't well known.Shes quite seductive and is very sly and gives secrets away without remorse.I like Yui Rio because she likes people killing others.Oka is cool on design but is not as mysterious.And her profile literally states'don't bother looking me up,your a client,i'm a provider.that's all we need to know about each other'.With her dark,twisted mind and mysterious type,Info Chan is my number 1

5 Kokona Haruka

I like Kokona-chan's hairstyle and personality, so imma befriend her instead of stabbing

She is really easy to pity, that can be good and bad. - PopularCraft

I like her especially her hairstyle - RoseCandyMusic

6 Saki Miyu

Why is she really low on the list? She has a beautiful mind, helps people hen they are down, and let's not mention she looks like hatsune miku. She is the best Yandere character.

She's so awesome! When I first played the game, I found myself unable to kill this character! LONG LIVE SAKI MIYU!

Because she is awesome and she looks like hatsune miku a little bit

Why Saki Why?!?! She is beautiful and cute! HOW DARE YOU NOT VOTE FOR HER? I mean why you not vote for her? She is a caring person and always help Kokona no matter what until she needs to sell her...underpants and gain money to help Kokona debts problem. I COMPLETELY DISAGREE when YandereDev chooses her to be the main mindslave. If you have mercy for her, please vote for her and comment something good about her

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7 Senpai

Man, I hate this guy so much.

Notice me Senpai... - Pegasister12

How can you like him? He is COMPLETELY DEAF! I think Budo is better than him...

He’s hot

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8 Ayano Aishi

Ayano Aishi is yandere chan

9 Osana Najimi

She's awesome, no doubt.

She is so cute because, even though she acts mean, she is sweet and cute, bakas!

Osana is the best you bakas

Osana: I...I love you, you idiot! iloveyoumorethananythingelseintheworld!
Senpai wHat WAs tHaT? I dIdN'T HeAr yOu...
Osana:You know what Senpai, you just waste my time!
Senpai:WHaT oSaNa? yoU WaNt yOuR bEnTO BaCk?
Osana:Get lost! BAKA!

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10 Pipi Osu

She has the cutest voice in the world. I'll never kill her.

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11 Daku Atsu V 1 Comment
12 Budo Masuta

I say Ayano x Budo!

Ayano x Budo shipper here! o w o/

Budo’s both a hottie and a kind heart. WHO WOULDN’T LIKE THIS DUDE?

Budo he's really strong from all the charecters and the cutest one and caring heart Ayano x budo LOVE BUDO MASUTA 💞💞💞💞

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13 Sakyu Basu
14 Yui Rio

She's evil and fabulous at the same time.

So cool! Evil bitch is the best!

15 Musume Ronshaku

Oh. Heh... look at little miss goody two shoes over here.
Think you're BETTER than me JUST because you don't SMOKE?
Hu, what-EVER! - Musume Ronshaku

I think she is the worst! It’s my opinion okay! Don’t be so mad!

Mah queennn - crybaby_rolling-girl_gumi-chan

16 Kokomo Harika

It is kokona haruka

Uh... What? - crybaby_rolling-girl_gumi-chan


17 Amai Odayaka

My favourite rival in Yandere Simulator is, of course, Amai Odayaka because...

1) She's cute and sweet
2) She's nice and kind
3) She's talented at cooking
4) Her voice is pure and smooth
5) She is in Cooking club ( cooking club is my favourite club )

If the week is her turn right now ( week 2 ) I would eliminate her by "Befriend" or "Matchmake" but I will choose "Befriend" because for some sweet reasons...

18 Mei Mio
19 Osoro Shidesu
20 Mai Waifu

I wanna end her laifu


UGH I HATE THIS MEINU! - crybaby_rolling-girl_gumi-chan

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