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1 Midori Gurin

YANDERE-DEV, YANDERE-DEV! *insert stupid and/or obvious question here*

YANDERE DEV YANDERE DEV! Why is there an incinerator in the school?!?!?!

Best character next to Oka

I'm the only person who likes her lmao

V 7 Comments
2 Oka Ruto

Okay but we all need to agree that oka is the cutest

The cutest character!

I ship her with Shin so much <3 <3 <3 Anyway, she's so cute and kind - Tuana123

3 Info-Chan
4 Yandere-Chan
5 Kokona Haruka

I like Kokona-chan's hairstyle and personality, so imma befriend her instead of stabbing

She is really easy to pity, that can be good and bad. - PopularCraft

6 Senpai

Man, I hate this guy so much.

Notice me Senpai... - Pegasister12

Senpai is so kawaii he looks like nico di angelo

7 Ayano Aishi V 1 Comment
8 Daku Atsu V 1 Comment
9 Saki Miyu

Why is she really low on the list? She has a beautiful mind, helps people hen they are down, and let's not mention she looks like hatsune miku. She is the best Yandere character.

10 Pipi Osu

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11 Sakyu Basu
12 Osana Najimi

She is so cute because, even though she acts mean, she is sweet and cute, bakas!

Osana is the best you bakas

"Don't ask me any more questions, Baka! "

-Osana Najimi - mayamanga

13 Yui Rio

She's evil and fabulous at the same time.

14 Kokomo Harika V 3 Comments
15 Musume Ronshaku V 1 Comment
16 Budo Masuta V 1 Comment
17 Osoro Shidesu
18 Mai Waifu V 1 Comment
19 Mei Mio
20 Kuudere
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1. Ayano Aishi
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1. Midori Gurin
2. Yandere-Chan
3. Info-Chan



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