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1 Oka Ruto

Okay but we all need to agree that oka is the cutest

No doubt that Oka is the best. And I will never kill her in the final game!

She is so cute and unique I found myself unable to kill her for the first time I played the game


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2 Midori Gurin

YANDERE-DEV, YANDERE-DEV! *insert stupid and/or obvious question here*

The most beautiful girl in my opinion

YANDERE DEV YANDERE DEV! Are the players able to join the gaming club? I love Midori so much! She's is my favorite character


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3 Info-Chan

Her voice, design and personality are very cool!

Coolest character ever

She is so unknown and she is easy to make in fan dubs and in this game called " Fan dub makers creators V4"

She’s awesome!

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4 Yandere-Chan

She's different a character with no emotion that tries to fit in when really doesn't feel anything and just wants to experience feelings I've never seen a character like that before and her voice is the best. - OfficialSonic

Good and original character (sometimes a lot contradictory, but in sometimes). But it is a little pathetic that of wanting to be completed with another person.

I absolutely love yandere's

How is she not number 1 - RedLightningStrike

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5 Kokona Haruka

I like Kokona-chan's hairstyle and personality, so imma befriend her instead of stabbing

She is really easy to pity, that can be good and bad. - PopularCraft

I like her especially her hairstyle - RoseCandyMusic

I really didn't like Kokona at first until I watched some Yandere Simulator youtubers, one of which was LaurenZside who got me hooked on like the "best friend" thing. It was hilarious!

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6 Ayano Aishi

Ayano Aishi is yandere chan

7 Senpai

Man, I hate this guy so much.

Notice me Senpai... - Pegasister12

A weak fool. I hate this coward.

Chill, guys, he's not that bad. He participated in a rap battle against Budo and had some pretty good points.

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8 Osana Najimi

I love her personality and how she says BAKA, but I don't really like her voice.

Also Senpai should get a hearing aid! - RedLightningStrike

She's awesome, no doubt.

So sassy! I like it!


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9 Saki Miyu

Why is she really low on the list? She has a beautiful mind, helps people hen they are down, and let's not mention she looks like hatsune miku. She is the best Yandere character.

She's so awesome! When I first played the game, I found myself unable to kill this character! LONG LIVE SAKI MIYU!

I love her so much why? I don't know lol - Untildawn8

Saki Miyu is my favourite character, she doesn't deserve to be turned into a mindslave! She is so nice :3 I will never make her die

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10 Daku Atsu

Cute little cinnamon roll like Oka

I like his glasses


Don't u mean Yu narukami

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11 Pipi Osu

She has the cutest voice in the world. I'll never kill her.

12 Budo Masuta

I would love to get crushed under his feet. I would worship them 24/7.

I ship him with Shin to be honest..They are so cute together.

I say Ayano x Budo!

I ship him with our yander3 girl! I just simply love him.

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13 Sakyu Basu
14 Yui Rio

She's evil and fabulous at the same time.

So cool! Evil bitch is the best!

15 Amai Odayaka

Favorite bby ahhh

Amai is actually an inspiration to me.She inspired me into cooking and baking and now I plan to bake every weekend! I just finished making a carrot cake myself! (Ps I am a young kid.)She is an inspiration to kids about cooking and a pure innocent Angel.She is talented and a very sweet girl.And underrated.I seem to like underrated characters.I will not kill her AT ALL! Also #CookingClub

Adorable? Check
Nice? Check
No major flaws? Check
Perfect Waifu? A B S O L U T E L Y

My favourite rival in Yandere Simulator is, of course, Amai Odayaka because...

1) She's cute and sweet
2) She's nice and kind
3) She's talented at cooking
4) Her voice is pure and smooth
5) She is in Cooking club ( cooking club is my favourite club )

If the week is her turn right now ( week 2 ) I would eliminate her by "Befriend" or "Matchmake" but I will choose "Befriend" because for some sweet reasons...

16 Osoro Shidesu

She's my favourite character, she's a badass. She seems cold on the outside, but on the inside, she's really sweet

Why is my baby girl waifu ossie so low


17 Musume Ronshaku

Oh. Heh... look at little miss goody two shoes over here.
Think you're BETTER than me JUST because you don't SMOKE?
Hu, what-EVER! - Musume Ronshaku

I think she is the worst! It’s my opinion okay! Don’t be so mad!

Mah queennn - crybaby_rolling-girl_gumi-chan

18 Mai Waifu

I think it should be the substitute nurse

I wanna end her laifu


UGH I HATE THIS MEINU! - crybaby_rolling-girl_gumi-chan

19 Mei Mio
20 Saki Miku

Miku? I see what ya did there!

21 Shiromi Torayoshi

Shes the 2nd cutest in the council after Megami

She is queen! I love her!

22 Kokomo Harika

It is kokona haruka

Uh... What? - crybaby_rolling-girl_gumi-chan


XDXD RIP TETO - Nobody101

23 Jay


24 Megami Saiko

Why isn’t she the first?

25 Fun Girl


She is the best character! and it's obvious that Yanderedev wanted his own gaster...

26 Hanako Yamada

She's so kawaii and I can do her voice love her she should be number one

27 Ryoba Aishi

Ironically, she is more sexy than Ayano.

28 Akane Toriyasu
29 Kuudere

She is so cute


30 Yanderedev

Come on, it's the creator of dis game! Get him up at least at 11 or somethin'!

31 Yandere-kun
32 Kizana Sunobu
33 Mida Rana
34 Aoi Ryuko
35 Sora Sosuke

He's cuute!

36 Kittens Kittens A kitten is a juvenile cat. After being born, kittens are totally dependent on their mother for survival and they do not normally open their eyes until after seven to ten days.

The kittens in Yandere Simulator suprises you that YandereDev put for decoration according to some guy will have a task for you if you take a picture from he's kitty hopefully this works your reputation go up if it doesn't here's a glitch for new people playing the game when it say ''Task Complete'' then your reputation will go up with a plus.If Info-Chan does not tell you this I will

37 Ryoto
38 Muja Kina
39 Riku Soma
40 Journalist

I feel so sorry for him

41 Horuda Puresu
42 Shin Higaku

He is best boy don't fw me. yall know its true. we do not ship him with anyone in this household, so that we can all get a piece o' dat. yall know what I'm saying?

43 Asu Rito
44 Flame Demon
45 Counselor
46 Klinker
47 Mr. Ronshaku
48 Red Streak
49 Teal Streak
50 Rivalchan
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