Top Ten Yandere Simulator Rivals

The Top Ten

1 Oka Ruto

She's so cute! I love how she is so into creepy stuff!


2 Kokona Haruka

Once a test rival, always a rival.

No Kokona is a test rival, its too bad though. I'll miss her - PeachyBlast

Wait. Hold the phone. Kokonie is the test dummy, not an official rival. Kizana Sunobu will be replacing Kokonie.

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3 Kizana Sunobu

She's my favorite! I love her design and her personality. I was kinda dissapointed when I heard she's selfish and unoriginal, but I'm happy Yandere Dev changed it... welll, kinda... But I still really like her and I will never kill her.

Get Kinaza up there

4 Hanako Yamada

She's the most irritating one hands down. I hate her almost as much as Mida Rana.

5 Amai Odayaka V 1 Comment
6 Asu Rito
7 Muja Kina

This sounds synonymous to Marijuana - TwilightKitsune

8 Osana Najimi
9 Megami Saiko

Mary-Sue rival, it's a good thing she's so low.

10 Osoro Shidesu

She's the strongest student in Akademi high and the leader of the delinquents

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The Contenders

11 Mida Rana
12 Rivalchan V 1 Comment
13 Victimchan V 1 Comment
14 Koharu Hinata V 2 Comments
15 Ayano Aishi V 2 Comments
16 Midori
17 Rookie Police Woman
18 Phantom Girl
19 Shapeshifter Rival
20 Succubus DLC Rival
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