Top Ten Yandere Simulator Rivals

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1 Oka Ruto

She's so cute! I love how she is so into creepy stuff!

I don't like her, she is sort of annoying yet sort of content


She’s oka what’s not to love

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2 Kizana Sunobu

I like her because I find find it funny how she hates every one who is done what better than her I also like her style.

She's my favorite! I love her design and her personality. I was kinda dissapointed when I heard she's selfish and unoriginal, but I'm happy Yandere Dev changed it... welll, kinda... But I still really like her and I will never kill her.

Get Kinaza up there

I hate her. - Puppytart

3 Megami Saiko

Mary-Sue rival, it's a good thing she's so low.

Megami is actually very popular 🙄

4 Kokona Haruka

Once a test rival, always a rival.

Wait. Hold the phone. Kokonie is the test dummy, not an official rival. Kizana Sunobu will be replacing Kokonie.

Kokonie will b a nrmal npc its been confermed but shell still b frends w saki and have a lot of the same lore she has now like the ph9ne call and task

5 Hanako Yamada

Oh my god. She's worse than Kizana. She's not even that young but she acts like my little brother and sister. - Puppytart

She's the most irritating one hands down. I hate her almost as much as Mida Rana.

She's gonna be the most difficult because
1: she's near senpai all the ducking time!
2: if senpai sees her dead, he'll go insane!
3: she's never leaves him! So it's impossible to kill her or even matchmake her cause she never leave him!

6 Amai Odayaka

Love her so much

7 Osana Najimi

Osana is the best rival ever!

8 Asu Rito
9 Muja Kina

This sounds synonymous to Marijuana - TwilightKitsune

The sexy nurse - RoseCandyMusic

10 Osoro Shidesu

She's the strongest student in Akademi high and the leader of the delinquents

The real badass of YanSim.

The Contenders

11 Mida Rana

The sexy and inapropriate subsitute teacher - RoseCandyMusic

12 Rivalchan

Test rival

13 Victimchan

Test rival before kokona

14 Koharu Hinata

She's not a rival - mayamanga

Once a rival

15 Ayano Aishi

This is the main character - mayamanga

Rival to the rivas

16 Midori
17 Rookie Police Woman
18 Phantom Girl
19 Shapeshifter Rival
20 Succubus DLC Rival
21 Yandere DLC Rival
22 Infochan
23 Bad Time Mode
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