Top 10 Yandere Simulator YouTubers

The Top Ten Yandere Simulator YouTubers

1 Yandere Dev

Yandere Dev! Yandere Dev! Why are you not number one! - Veevee2k6

2 Bijuu Mike

Scrubs! - ArcticWolf

3 LaurenzSide


4 Razzbowski

Yass Spider-Razz for the win this guy's funny as

Papa Razz for the win

5 Kgftbz
6 PrettyGrumpyBear
7 Ronshaku-shaku

The best of Yandere Simulator Fans! :3

8 Dacron
9 Kubz Scout

Like all his other games. Jay makes yandere simulator a game that you feel not so alone

10 Advisory Cookie

The Contenders

11 theawsomeyoutuber275
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