Best Yeah Yeah Yeahs Songs


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1 Maps

One of my favorite songs at the moment! Its been around for a ton of years and I'm just now finding it. I'm so lucky. I listen to this song on repeat!

Words are not enough to describe the beauty of this song

Shows emotion never bin seen! Nick Zinner gives you it all on guitar. And chase isn't banging he is the master

2 Heads Will Roll

I very love that song, it's in my favorite. Actually I known about that song while I was watching a glee episode, they have made a mash-up with thriller, the glee cover is a more active than the original and you should listen that version too

3 Y Control
4 Turn Into

This song is the most vulnerable I've heard KarenĀ” its beautiful

5 Zero

It definitely endures repetition. The beat really catches you and makes you want to jump around like an idiot. Karen O's vocals never fall short of awesome


6 Sacrilege
7 Runaway

I love, love, love this song! And I live for the Down Town by Calvin Klein commercial with Rooney Mara - which features this song - and it makes me love this song even more. So beautiful!

8 Cheated Heart
9 Date with the Night

This song reflects the eccentric and the craziness of the band. Just love it!

10 Gold Lion

Chase is the best drummer and Karen has a powerful voice

The Contenders

11 Down Boy

I love this song so much, it has the best riff I heard in the last couple years, can't get enough of it, it is perfect

12 Dull Life

My head just automatically twirls and spins and rocks out subconsciously because of the musical genius of this song.

13 Soft Shock

Such an underrated song! One of the band's best from It's Blitz!

14 Phenomena

One of the best offers from Show Your Bones!

This song is just a masterpiece!

15 Rich

Unique guitar. Can't believe it wasn't on the list. Yeah... People really need to vote because Y Control and Heads Will Roll before Gold Lion and Down Boy? There's a problem. Rockers to Swallow isn't even top ten! People be trippin'--please vote! - samantha-fantha

16 Rockers to Swallow

Awesome song...nothing more to say.

17 No No No
18 10 x 10
19 Pin
20 Sealings
21 Dragon Queen
22 Warrior

This tune is one of there best. Definitely belongs in the top ten.

23 Subway

Slow, but has a very nice tune.

24 Despair

One of my favorite songs of 2013 and I love the music video

25 Way Out
26 Mysteries

This song always gets me so pumped up! I love it.

27 Dudley

From the first few lines, to the chorus, it keeps cool, but really really gets to you. I really think it has a lot of feeling but isn't flashy. I don't know why this isn't in the list at all.

28 Little Shadow
29 Kiss, Kiss

How the hell is this here?! :/

30 Isis
31 Mosquito
32 Bang
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