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1 1948

First of all not the best year to be born because homosexuality is criminalised and Black Men and women are also oppressed by many people including America, Australia, much of Europe. This is a horrible time to live through if you are gay, or a different skin tone. - DJSchollen

Don't forget about the Communist revolutions taking place around the world. - ethanmeinster

Black people had it great!

Saw 2nd millennium

How does one "live through" 30s blues if one is born in 1948? And what in particular is wrong with 30s blues, which ultimately gave birth to rock 'n' roll?

2 1989

Loved her from the outset, such a young vibrant woman who has remained an artist that when heard,... allow yourself the time to stop and listen... it's "Taylor"

Nina Dobrev, Phoebe Tonkin, such beautiful girls

The final year to say 80s baby "born in the 80s"

Not to much technologi and the japanese car scene was at its peak wish I was born then. I was born 2003

3 2000

Our entire childhood was war, now our adult life is only peace time

Probably the last fantastic year to be born (also the year I was born). Back when technology was booming, the world was pre-9/11, great songs such as Beautiful Day by U2, great shows on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, and great movies such as Almost Famous and Meet the Parents. - Disneykid00

It's the last millennium of the human race or is it. True story. Will we manage not to start a world war? 1000 years.

Best year to be born. You will always know your age acording last to numbers.

4 1875

It's a old time

The height of civilisation

5 1938

Would have been young enough to avoid actually taking part in WWII or Korean war, but would have seen a fascinating period of American history.

6 2002

I was born in 2002 and have twin older sisters from 1998. We watched shows like Recess, Drake and Josh, Hannah Montana, etc. and had great music too. We played board games like Sorry! and the Game of Life. We have had great music and know how to use technology to access whatever we want. Overall, we have had the last great culture before the internet completely destroyed the minds of the 2006+ generation.

I feel like if I was born then I could have more experiences with 2000s memories

Haha I was born in 2000 but 2002 sounds so cool, two numbers 2 in the front and behind and two numbers 0 in betweeen+ you guys will become the adults in 2020 and will be 20 in 2022, so funny!

We had bomb ass music to listen to growing up, we had YouTube, timothy delaghetto, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network. We had 2006 Shaquille o Neal.2002 is the best year to grow up in prove me wrong

7 1933

No one said anything? Honestly, I don't know if this is the best year to be born. It's 2018 and Millenials are supposedly on their way out (I you take the "ends at 1994" definition). I feel old and like my time is over even if I'm at the tail end. I'm 25 and I don't know whether I'm young or old. We have Ariana Grande, I guess.

8 1955

It isn't about the year I was born, but when I reached my teens. I feel I lived through the best music but maybe everyone feels like that!

Ye best music

9 2003

Perfect age as old enough to enjoy life at its fullest but young enough to be irresponsible

When I born to stars meet each other on that day it was brightest night of the year

Last year that you could be born with common sense

You basically insulted me because I was born in 2004, which you said is the first year you aren't born with common sense. - allamassal

You’re old enough to get naughties stuff and young enough to enjoy the good things of now without getting obsessed

10 2004

2022 gang rise up
Also the youngest so had all the cool stuff from the 90s

Literally the last year of 90s influence

Literally the last year kids won't be slaves to tech all their childhood.

I was born in October of this year.

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11 1949
12 1999

This is the final year before the 21st century. Anyone born here that lives to be 101 will have lived in 3 different centuries. People born in this year also was deprived of some technologies just like everyone else in the 20th century. We grew up without phones as well and never even know what social media was until late middle school. We didn't care about our looks growing up and we just focused on having a normal childhood like everyone else.

Best time to be alive we got to experience old cartoons such as Rugrats and Doug but we was still able to have cool gadgets too without being overloaded with all the technology things now. Plus I just like the year lol

Not only are we the last of the 90's babies, but we are also one of the last generations to have a childhood without crazy amounts of technology. Now when I see 6-year-olds playing on iPads and kids in elementary school on smartphones. Not that technology is bad, I'm glad that I had a chance to experience part of my life solely on my imagination.

Also, CLASS OF 2017 unite!

Last year of the century enough said.

13 2005

Lets go boys! I'm born in this year, vote for it if you are too, where are all my 14 year old/ 15 year olds at?

It would be nice to have childhood at mid-end 2000s (well got half of it)
There is a time between year 2000 and 2005 is last real generation of old school I think generation y ends here not in 2003 but its edge because there is 2005 born kids z gen. who don't have common sense but still I think that I'm old school because 2000s the best decade!

We're the last good year before the jake paulers. although some of us are on the edge

The jake paulers came after us in late 06 and 07 we r insane and not cringy unlike those younger kids

14 2006

You get to experience the 2010-2013 which will be the best time in your life’s and yeah life is great

Best year to be born because all of your childhood will consist of iOS 6 iPads,iPhone 4s love from parents

You will have a amazing life

The very last year someone could be born with common sense.

15 2007

2007 is when all of the Disney princess movies started coming our left and right, and we actually have commen sense unlike the people born in 2008

The first iPhone was out on this year also this is my birth year

We had spongebob at its finest sweetie! No way anyone beats 07

I was born and a lot of good movies came out that were good

16 1996

Best year of the 90s

Spice Girls year!

It's just cool.

Bad boy year!

17 2001

I was born in 2001. I know 90s stuff. Here in India in early childhood we experience Nintendo games, VCR's, radios don't have any android phones just old nokia phone belongs to my dad. Play lot of sports in childhood

Specifically January 2001

Beginning of a new era, plus its officially 2000 era

Old enough that you know 90s stuff but not too old to not understand technology some of the smartest people in the world are born on this year

18 2016 2016 (MMXVI) was a leap year starting on Friday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2016th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 16th year of the 3rd millennium, the 16th year of the 21st century, and the 7th year of the 2010s decade.

Naw It's a bad year - FerrariDude64

Just because my daughter was born

I would like to have a child. But the way things are today...perhaps not. Too selfish and violent and hardly any discipline. - Britgirl

This year was bad for me I’d don’t like this year. So no

19 1998

I was born in 1998, it was the best year for pop culture & we got to vote in the 2016 presidential election


Can't beat it

1998 is the best year, not too close to the 2000s (Unlike 1999) so early 90s born, can’t say we aren’t 90s baby!

20 1997

It's the year when the person who will change the world was born.
Those who were born in 1997 are different in every single way.

21 1994

Best movie year, the shawshank redemption - pulp fiction - lion king

This is the year because rap was going crazy.

Peace and love worldwide!

Ready to Die by The Notorious B.I.G and Illamtic by Nas dropped

22 1969

Very cool year to be born, not only because of the last two numbers (69) but people born this time had a great teenage years in 80's just when Madonna was on the top, they were experienced but still young in 00's, my favourite decade. 2010's suck so much

I was born in 1969. In my opinion the best year to be born. I got to grow up with kiss in the 70s collect magazines of rock bands and record albums of rock bands. My teens were the mid-80s. In my early twenties were the early nineties! which in my opinion is the best ERA for music and so much more. We were not inundated with music social media and everything else that is now inundating our world and lives

Because 69 lol

The year when Jennifer Lopez and Anniston; Gwen Stefani, Mariah Carey amd Jay-Z and Ketha Zeta Jons were born. The hottest women ever existed. They were teenage girls in 80'S, 20 year old women in 90's and hot 30 year old girls in 2000's. The best years! My mum was born this year + this number 69

23 1992

I was born on Valentines Day of this year, and am old enough to remember lots of great 90s Saturday morning cartoons when they first came out when I was a kid!

Many greats born this year... Well by many I mean me

My year!

Seems god!

24 1977

All things great happened in 1977 Star Wars good music punk rock. My birth lol

100% Get the first three 'dumb' years out of the way and enough to know you are alive, then 3-13 enjoying the 80s classic cartoons, movies and music. Then your teenage years in the 90s enjoying the more matured culture. Greatest two decades in history bar none!

Are you kidding me People?
1977 Hands Down is the best year to have been born.
Let me state my reasons.
Grew up in the 80's (2-12) Great Toys, Cartoons, Movies, We still had our Innocence, Played Outside.
Came of Age in the 90's (12-22) Great Music, Dope Parties, Internet came out when they were 16.
2000's: (22-32): Were in their 20's during the Millennium Change & Were the among the 1st Net Entrepreneurs.
As of 2018(41): Still young enough to enjoy life!
Thank You

Best year of all time! - nevarez77

25 1991

The final year of 90s kids after that its 90s young child, toddlers and 90s babies. 1991 8 in 1999, 1992 7 in 1999 1993 6 in 1999 1994 5 in 1999 1995 4 in 1999 1996 3 in 1999 1997 2 in 1999 1998 1 in 1999 1999 born in 1999. How much do you remember of the years of the 90s if you was born between 1992-1999? Not much. If you was young child 5-7, toddler or baby.

26 1984
27 2008


The best year is 2008. India and the USA was booming thanks to new products being prepared for the next year and things being sold being created years back. I don’t know why it is this low on the list.

Go play some fortnite u cringy 08’s

28 1980

You got to live through the 90s in your teenage years

3DG20 You'd want to live through the 2000s in teenage years.
Well sadly you would be a Millennial.
The most hated generation.
Most hated things on the internet not sure if it's in order but number 1 is.
1. Justin Bieber
2. Millennials
3. Pop Music after 1980s
4. Twilight
5. 50 Shades of Grey
6. Reality T.V.
7. Making a spelling or grammar mistake
8. Religion
9. Simpsons after season 8
10. Feminism
11. Vegetarians & Vegans
12. Television
13. 2010s
14. 90s kids
15. Gun control
16. Transgenders
17. Star Wars Prequels
18. Pre-school shows
19. Dolls
20. Kidz Bop

29 1995
30 1975
31 1990

The first year of the most obsessed decade, the year that everyone obsessed with can't remember either a baby/toddler/not born yet. I don't remember the year either but shut up about the 90s. I had a childhood in that decade but you don't need to be obsessed.

You are able to be a true 90s kid.

32 1973

1972 was a good year didn't have cell phone's all over and family enjoy getting together

1973 would be a good time to be born get to experience the early 80s onwards clearly.

33 1349

1349 was when a pile of dirt was born



34 1960

Born to young for Vietnam, yet able to enjoy the human interaction of playing games with friends without the distractions of smart phones and social media. All that comes later when you are older and wiser. You get the joys of pre social media/Internet age and the benefits of the post technology explosion that has been going on since the 90s. Born in 1960 gives you the experience of the old days and watching the earth transform into the technlogical explosion that we see today.

You were a teen in the 70s and a young adult in the 80s. Grew up with good music.

35 1802

I was born so yh obviously best year
-your dad

36 1986

Great year, this was one of the last "careless" years of my mum I suppose, cause she was 17 and in 1987 she became an adult person. In 1986 came out such the hits like Papa Don't Preach and Open your heart from Madonna and Take on me, classics <3 My idol girl was born... Cassie, one of the most beautiful and sensual singers ever, if U don't believe me then U gotta watch Me&U, Long Way 2 Go, Official Girl, Paradise and Written in the stars. I think people born this year were very lucky cause perphaps they could fully experience 2000's, (they were 14-23 years old back then), 2010's (24-33) and could find out what it's like to be a 90's children (4-13). Don't forget this year was born Drake, Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga and Bart Baker

The age to have lived with out mobile phones while able to keep up with technology.

37 2017 2017 (MMXVII) was a common year starting on Sunday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2017th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 17th year of the 3rd millennium, the 17th year of the 21st century, and the 8th year of the 2010s decade.

Nope, this year sucked. - Aha223

They are only babies at the moment.
They are the people who could actually see the year 3000?

38 1967

Being born in 67 to me, and I'm sure not all will agree. My parents were just above the hippie error which meant there was a little bit more structure. I came from a strict but fair background. I got a job when I was 13, finished high school, married had three children went back to college. Have a wonderful career and three children all daughters who all live separate lives from each other with their partners and children. All very independent, all of them hold jobs, and support themselves and their families. Along with my wonderful husband of 26 years. 6 beautiful grandchildren and I will turn 53 in February. Mortgage paid, empty nesters (and loving it) and still young enough to enjoy the next 20 years. Our family motto is and always will be Make Good Choices, and Be Nice (until it's time not to be nice) ✌️

Yes! then not being slagged off.
I'm a millennial the slagged off decade.

Hell yeah, you get to be a teen in the prime years of the 80's!

Think about it - 13 in 1980, by 1990 you’re 23. You get to experience the 80s firsthand. Also, Sony Walkmans were just, around, which is worth a fortune nowadays. You’re in your 30s for the 2000s, 40s for the majority of 2010s, and you would’ve just turned 50 this year. 1967 is the best year

39 1985
40 1970

Best year for cars

If you were born this year, you got all of the incredible music of the 70s, 80s, and 90s! - aviationgeek

41 1 BC

A tale of a magicial man no he is not a God.
He is a human who was born with immortality he can survive through every decade he was born in 1 because and is still alive now.

It was before Jesus was born thank Billy for that.

1 because is the best!

42 1976
43 1964

Mid 60s were the best

Badass I think

You are the last of the Boomers, yet you could also relate to Gen X.

44 1954
45 1945

Perfect age to be born to see the golden time of rock'n'roll, then you would be perfect age to be a "real" hippie, and when your reach an age of 35 the 80's come and could travel and see places like Thailand was before the mass tourism.

46 666

The year of the beast lol

47 1971
48 1000

Yeah well much with many diseases and remember there weren't ANY electronic devises in that time so yeah much fun:3

49 2015
50 1503
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