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1 2000

This is the last year of the second millennium and the last year of the 20th century. Kids born in this year already lived in two millennia and two centuries before their first birthday had even come around. If they live to a 101 to see the 2101 then that's three centuries. Plus, 2000s kids get to say their age is just the year. Old enough to have actually seen the evolution of smartphones and technology. Grew up with some of the greatest movie franchises of all time including Harry Potter and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Old enough to have experienced all the trends of the 2000s and the 2010s in childhood and adolescence. And, along with some 2001 babies, were the last graduating class to have an uninterrupted grade school education due to COVID-19 for the next 13 years.

To the person in the 2000s comments that said not to be mean to anyone who was born after 2000 because they may live to see the year 3000... I don't think we're gonna be able to medically evolve enough to make someone live to be a 1000 years old unless we get some super soldier serum, a Steve Rogers, and some arctic ice.

I'm honestly grateful I was born in 2000. I'm old enough to remember VCRs, dial up internet, and flip phones, but young enough to have enjoyed the convenience of 21st century technology in my adolescence.

I think that it's a nice time to be born in. I mean, we don't know the life without technology and computers, we are the generation that has had everything since the start- nice clothes, T.V., computers, all the gadgets. Anyway, 2000's wasn't so technological and computerised as 2010's and we could still esxperience a normal careless childhood+ 2000's was so a good era, I mean the time when on the top were JLO, Britney Spears, Rihanna and even Madonna. In 2010's we have had the sims 3, all the good computer games, consoles, kinect, T.V. series like The vampire diaries…

2 1989

The cartoons and the cereal and the food where amazing Christmas was the best in the 80s and it gives my memorable happy great feeling vibes!

Not to much technologi and the japanese car scene was at its peak wish I was born then. I was born 2003

3 1948

Born into the Welfare State - NHS, State Pension, Final Salary Pension, student grants, mortgage tax relief, house price inflation. World Cup '66, The Beatles, Andy Pandy, Crackerjack etc.. life was simpler. No P.C., AIDS, and missed National Service.
Now coming 70 in December with 11 years retirement wealthier and fitter(ish) than ever. Say, do and drink what I like.

I wouldn't mind being 72 now if I could have lived my whole teenage years in the 1960s. What an amazing decade.

Perfect for economic advantages.
Careers expanding.

Saw 2nd millennium

4 1997

It's the year when the person who will change the world was born.
Those who were born in 1997 are different in every single way.

A great year to be born.

5 1995

1995 is the perfect birth year for many reasons:

- It's not considered too early or too late in the 90's
- Your childhood had just the right amount of innocent years before 9/11 happened. Your just old enough to slightly remember it, but not old enough to have trauma from it.
- You get to live through high school years without the plague of the 2016 election ruining your long time friendships
- You have K-12 and just enough time to complete your Bachelor's before COVID ruins campus life
- A technology free childhood with Apple computers just inkling

6 1996

Best year of the 90s

It's just cool.

7 2002

Better than 2001. First it is safe to say 2002 onwards, post 9/11, and solidly in the 2000's (some consider 2000 not to be in the 2000's, and those born in 2001 were probably largely conceived in late 2000 and therefore not as solidly in the 2000's), is nearly akin to a different generation, especially with people born prior to august 2001 not even experiencing covid in highschool. Also, late 2001 would have entered the 2020's as an adult, so really 2002 born onwards was markedly different. Someone born at midnight on january first 2002, would still have experienced some nanoseconds in 2020 as a 17 year old. This really highlights how different 2001 born and 2002 are from each other. Also, 2002 borns would have had more than half of their childhood in the 2010's, given that there are 10 whole years from age 3-12 (counting both 12 and 3) and 2002 borns would have been still 7 when 2010 started they would have had the entirety of 8-12 with some of 7 in the 2010's, while anyone born ...more

I was born in 2002 and have twin older sisters from 1998. We watched shows like Recess, Drake and Josh, Hannah Montana, etc. and had great music too. We played board games like Sorry! and the Game of Life. We have had great music and know how to use technology to access whatever we want. Overall, we have had the last great culture before the internet completely destroyed the minds of the 2006+ generation.

The year I was born in, people born in 2002 is in the class of 2020, or 2021. I feel like it's the last year that kids were born in that can say they grew up in the 2000's. Also grown up with things like Xbox original, Xbox 360 and flip phones.

Right now if you where born in 2002 you would be 18. 18 is the year where it's your first start your Basically s grown up but still is a child and you actually get to see the word and the great to the bad

8 1998

I was born in 1998. We graduated in 2016 before Trump was elected as president. So many other reasons why this is the best year. Also, as of 2020, we are turning 22!

1998 is the best year, not too close to the 2000s (Unlike 1999) so early 90s born, can't say we aren't 90s baby!

I was born in 1998, it was the best year for pop culture & we got to vote in the 2016 presidential election

Year I was born

9 1875

It's a old time

10 1938

Would have been young enough to avoid actually taking part in WWII or Korean war, but would have seen a fascinating period of American history.

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? 2009 2009 was a common year starting on Thursday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2009th year of the Common Era and Anno Domini designations.

Not a bad year to be born in.

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11 2004

As of 2021 people born in 2004 are 16-17 years old and are almost on their way to legal adulthood. In three years they will no longer be teenagers. They are considered to be in the bulk of generation z (1997-2012).

I keep seeing early 2004 (such as the january post) talking about 2022 "gang". Well, they are just a month after 2003, yet no one in the 2003 section is talking about late 2003, and 2022. I wonder why?

It's a ok year to be born in, your in the sweet spot of kids that grew up as toddlers having normal lives without in abundance of technology (2007 - 2008). Now for 2005 babies I can't say the same thing.

I was born on the 200th day of 2004, July 18, not only are you 90s influenced as a toddler, but brought up with advanced medicine and not that much technology in the crucial years. A nice sweet spot. You also just have to add 5 to your age to remember what year your in :)

12 1955

I was born this year. Great music, liberation of women, and turned 18 just at the end of the Vietnam war. The world was changing and we had a front row seat. Yay - Baby Boomers!

It isn't about the year I was born, but when I reached my teens. I feel I lived through the best music but maybe everyone feels like that!

Same as '54, being in your teens during the 60s.

Ye best music

13 1933
14 2003

Late 2003 is currently aged 17 years (as of this writing in March of 2021). Amazing birth year anyway. Especially the latter part of the year (After July). Memories of 2006 Summer were the first. Youtube was already beginning to become popular, but some VCR exists in first memories. Much better than 2004, but definitely better than 2001 (imagine having 9/11 in your birth year). Second half was best, when it comes to 2003. First half would mean people could remember late 2005, which is not nearly as modern as Spring/summer of 2006 is. Having the internet since toddler years really makes for a different experience. Graduating in 2021/2022 is pretty good, but especially graduating in 2022. Covid will hopefully be gone by then. But either way, 2003 borns, and late 2002, were the first to experience a full year of covid/post-covid schooling. 2001/early 2002 will only have had a couple of months in the very last year. On the other hand, having had Covid begin in 10th grade is far more ...more

May 1 2003. Definitely the last year of early 2000s and we are hybrids. Our earliest memories are probably in 2006 and we grew up with Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel in its prime with shows like Icarly, Rugrats all grown up, rocket power, drake and josh, jimmy neutron, that's so raven, Hannah Montana, Kim possible, original Teen Titans, courage the cowardly dog, and ed edd n eddy. Watched movies like Madagascar, toy story, shrek, ice age, Finding Nemo, shark tale, and all the Disney original movies. We experienced life without social media and phones. We spent half of our time outside playing and and half watching TV and playing games like on the wii, ps2, ps3, Xbox 360, PSP, game cube, Nintendo Ds, Dsi. And if you had older siblings like me who had a brother born in 1997, you pretty much had every game system from the 2000s and watched all the good shows and movies and would always have someone to play with outside.
Ps. We experienced the same things as the other ...more

Even this year is awful, I wish I could be born in early 20th century.

This is my birthyear, currently 11th grade in 2020. It's been so hard with a lot of assignments.

15 1992

I was born on Valentines Day of this year, and am old enough to remember lots of great 90s Saturday morning cartoons when they first came out when I was a kid!

I was born then so...

16 1993

I should've been born in 1993, but my mom and dad waited 13 years to finally not use a condom.

Year I was born.

17 1994

This is the year because rap was going crazy.

Peace and love worldwide!

18 2005

Because it's an even year and it's just late enough to still relate to the 2000's trends and your old enough to look down on the little ones.

I was born in November 30 2005, so a month and a day till it hit 2006. I wish I was born earlier but hey, at least I won't live to see 2080, hopefully. I only had a month and a day to remember 2005, but seeing all these people born in 2006, I feel kinda proud to live through all of 2006, and born to see the 2006 New Year's Day. I don't know much about the year I was born in but due to my research, I have approximately 6 months before I turn 14 years old, should I check my back?

Because it sounds like a lucky number and and that is when I was born. just sounds like a perfect year to me and for people to be born.

Better than most years, there were lots of shows and things to do at the same time and we weren't influenced by technology too much.

19 1999

This is the final year before the 21st century. Anyone born here that lives to be 101 will have lived in 3 different centuries. People born in this year also was deprived of some technologies just like everyone else in the 20th century. We grew up without phones as well and never even know what social media was until late middle school. We didn't care about our looks growing up and we just focused on having a normal childhood like everyone else.

Not only are we the last of the 90's babies, but we are also one of the last generations to have a childhood without crazy amounts of technology. Now when I see 6-year-olds playing on iPads and kids in elementary school on smartphones. Not that technology is bad, I'm glad that I had a chance to experience part of my life solely on my imagination.

Also, CLASS OF 2017 unite!

Last year of the 20th century. Anyone born in this year would be alive through 2 different millenniums and possibly 3 centuries if they live to 101. Not many people can say that.

1999 SQUAD

Last year of the century enough said.

20 2006

Wow they had youtube, etc. Not my year, but still pretty good. Covid was largely a middle school phenomenon for them though, so not as interesting.

This is the best year, just wait you'll see. First the talent. Second the brains. Third the everything else. This year is actually going places.

A lot of good gaming platforms came out that year. I was also born that year.

The very last year someone could be born with common sense.

21 2001

2001 is way better than 2002. 2001 was the last birthyear to spend K-12 free of Covid-19, and the last year to remember the mid to late 2000s. Who wants to experience Covid in high school, like 2002+ borns? No one. Also, 2002 borns have faulty logic - late adolescence experience cannot make 2001 and 2002 different generations, get out of here.

I was born in 2001. I know 90s stuff. Here in India in early childhood we experience Nintendo games, VCR's, radios don't have any android phones just old nokia phone belongs to my dad. Play lot of sports in childhood

22 2007 2007 was a common year starting on Monday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2007th year of the Common Era and Anno Domini designations

This was the year I was born!

I've born in November 22nd, 2007.

Yes best year ever

2007 is when all of the Disney princess movies started coming our left and right, and we actually have commen sense unlike the people born in 2008

23 1949

Got to be a kid in the 50's and a teenager in the 60's. Plus, you had a good chance at just missing the Vietnam draft because they had just developed the lottery system when you were 18/19.

24 2008

2008 was the year The Dark Knight, one of the best movie in history to be made, We also had superhero movie based off of obscure DC Comics characters. An we had actually fun and iconic video games, were as people born in 2007 have no actual games.

I think it is a really good year compared to 2007 because that was where there was a huge spike in births while 2008 is more unique. In my personal opinion, the 2007-2008 bond is unbreakable we're the best paired together.

I was born in 2008, and I am pretty grateful for the year I was born. Because us 2008 borns were the last to spend all of our elementary school years before the pandemic (2013-2019).

I am pretty grateful for being born in this year, when the 2021 tiktokers get too older, us the 2008's kids are going to show what beauty really is

25 2016 2016 (MMXVI) was a leap year starting on Friday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2016th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 16th year of the 3rd millennium, the 16th year of the 21st century, and the 7th year of the 2010s decade.

Honestly, 2016 is one of the most terrible years to be born. Donald Trump became president and many young children under the age of 3 didn't get affordable health care.

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