Best Years Looks of Britney Spears

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1 Year 2003

Example? Rolling Stone Party look: Perfect eyebrows, Perfect Hair (Extensions), Perfect boobs (non Natural but is ok on she), Perfect Legs, Perfect make-up, Perfect Body in General and Perfect face and Eyes. She was the best Britney Spears of My Years.. I miss you. :))

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2 Year 2001

Example? American Music Awards when she perfomer (with Perfect body and cool outfit) a free style on stage with another girls with White t-shirt.

3 Year 2002

Example? Overprotected the Darkchild Edition. Great outfit that Pink when she dance and say (i need time.. I need love.. I need Space) have much Energy.

4 Year 2004
5 Year 2000

Nice look. Much Young.

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6 Year 2008

The Real Return. I like all on she in general this year. But I don't like the cover of Circus, wasnt she.. :((

7 Year 2014

All in General :))

8 Year 2013
9 Year 2010
10 Year 2011 - 2012

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11 2007
12 Year 2016

Amazing body. Probably best fit she has ever been! - efineran3

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