Top 10 Greatest Years of Mario

Mario, gaming's biggest mascot has been in so many great games in so many years. But which year has the greatest Mario games (and T.V. series and even books an oh, yes! The literature! ) ever?

The Top Ten

1 1996

This is Mario's finest year ever, especially of the top 3 best video game ever all released in 1996 and part of the Mario franchise.

Top 3 - Mario Kart 64 (gets 100/100 stars).

Top 2 - Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars (gets 100+/100 stars).

Top 1 - Super Mario 64 (gets 1000+/100 stars).

So thus, Super Mario 64 is the best video game in the world!

There is nothing I do not like about this year, but gameplay can get quite intense. That does not take out the good in this year at all!

2 1992
3 1985

Who could ever forget this masterpiece?

4 2000
5 1987
6 1989
7 2008
8 1983
9 1984
10 1994

Even though we had Mario's worst games such as Hotel Mario, Mario's Early Years and Mario's Tiem Machine, 1994 was actually a good year for Mario. Who could forget strong adventures such as Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land, Wario Blast and Donkey Kong Country?

The Contenders

11 1998
12 1986
13 1999
14 1988
15 1991
16 1995
17 1997
18 1982
19 1981
20 2010

Super Mario and his friends all go to British Columbia and face against Team Sonic (Princess Peach is HORRIBLE AND CANNOT DO WELL AT FIGURE SKATING! ), and then the man in red himself goes on one hell of a journey after the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games - in Super Mario Galaxy 2, and there Princess Peach is being cruel to herself and pissy), and then there goes another crossover where Team Mario faces against the Mages and Slime.

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