Top Ten Yellow Rangers In the Power Rangers Series

This is my list of yellow rangers. number 1 is my favourite. No 2 is cute. See them

The Top Ten

1 Emily (Brittany Anne Pirtle)

I don't know why people like Gia Moran more than Emily. I think she is one of the beautiful among yellow rangers. Pretty features on the face of pretty lady. Ok Gia is also good but I arrange them with features. To me Emily is beautiful. To them who give vote to Gia. Gia is good. This was my list. I arrange it according to my judgements.

Thanks... And my favorite is Emily hence she is number 1

I think she is the best and the most pretty in yellow rangers. She is kind and cares of every one. She and Mike make a cute couple

I love emily she's awesome good choice

Emily is the yellow samurai ranger in Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai
She is very sweet. She is very beautiful. Her acting is awesome. That, s why she is number 1 in my list. Her fighting skills are very good and she is my favourite. Cute Pretty Lady

2 Gia Moran (Ciara Hanna)

I Love Gia

She is amazing ranger. She is very funny in real life. I just love her. She has done a great job in film pernicious. She is also my favourite ranger of all time followed by kim the original pink. She is very pretty also. If anyone hates or dislikes her, please think 100 times!

She is an amazing ranger. She is very strong. She has done an great job in film pernicious. She is also my and mine sister favourite ranger of all time followed by tommy. If anyone hates or dislikes her,please think 1000 times. She is also very pretty. She is the best for me. She very hot too. Ciara was the perfect women to do the role of Gia Moran. She is also very pretty

Ciara Hanna was amazing! And Gia's character..., that girl's got it all! She's smart and has the perfect leadership skills, I vote to promote her to the red ranger! But she's sweet from inside and I love Jake and Gia's love story...

3 Trini Kwan (Thuy Trang)

Trini is really cute I can't believe that trini in real life died in car accident. And she will be in all if her fans forever.

Best Yellow Ranger! Her Mantis style and fierce loyalty made her one of the moat dangerous Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

She is talented and nice really pretty


4 Maya (Cerina Vincent)

I Love Maya

Maya is so Beautiful, the Hottest female ranger ever, I love her so much, she is from the BEST power rangers season ever LOST GALAXY.

Maya is the yellow Galaxy ranger in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Maya is the best fighter. She is disciplined lady.

She is the worst and made the whole series of POWER RANGERS LOST GALAXY.

5 Kelsey Winslow (Sasha Williams)
6 Katie Walker (Deborah Estelle Phillips)

Katie is the Yellow Time Force ranger in Power Rangers Time force
Katie is a good actor and fighter that, s why she is in my list.

7 Kira Ford (Emma Lahana)

How come Emily is #1? Kira is not only the best Yellow Ranger, she's the coolest and badass girl ever alongside Jen Scotts.

When I was kid I love to watch power rangers and dino thunder is my favorite - paasadani

Kira is the yellow Dino ranger in Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Kira is cute and pretty lady. Her acting is very good. She is a good yellow ranger

I like how Emma's so easy on the eyes, plus most of Kira's dialogues are awesome
"Nobody messes with my mind and gets away with it"

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8 Ronny Robinson (Caitlin Murphy)

Ronny is the yellow Overdrive Ranger in Power Rangers Operation Ooverdrive
As all know about that this series was not good but the yellow ranger of this serie is good.

9 Ashley Hammond (Tracy Lynn Cruz)

By far my favorite Yellow Ranger from one of my favorite seasons. Good acting, strong character, beautiful; she was the total package.

My favourite space power ranger, Ashley

She's also in space yellow ranger. Damn she's so hot and beautiful. Her acting was just awesome and Ashley Hammond's character was very strong in this PR season. Love her

Number 1 in the yellow rangers and really beautiful.

10 Waldo "Dustin" Brooks (Glenn McMillian)

The Contenders

11 Tanya Sloan (Nakia Burrise)

Yellow turbo and zeo ranger
Strong compassionate stands for what is right

12 Summer Landsdown (Rose McIver)

What made Summer Landsdown, Rose McIver, my favorite ranger is the fact that is nice and caring. But when the time comes doesn't hesitate to step up and get her hands dirty to fight for what she believes in. PLUS it doesn't hurt that she very very easy on the eyes. - MonkeyD

Summer is the Ranger Operator Series Yellow in Power Rangers RPM
She is another beautiful yellow ranger. She is very cute. Her fighting skills and acting is awesome. Nice Lady

13 Z Delgado (Monica May)

Z is really cool. She can duplicate herself! Imagine if you could duplicate yourself and let your duplicates to your work. Plus I like her name. Short and simple.

Most beautiful ranger...

She is among my top 10 yellow. #6.
Nice and cute yellow ranger. She and gia are the coolest yellow ranger.

She is the best...she is so cute and pretty 💜❤💜

14 Lily Chilman (Anna Hutchison)

East or West lily is best

She strong and powerful

Lily is bold and best

Lily is the Jungle fury yellow ranger in Power Rangers Jungle Fury
Lily is good ranger. She is good fighter.

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15 Aisha Campbell (Karan Ashley)
16 Taylor Earhardt (Alyson Kiperman)

How come she isn't higher on the list, she was (and still is) one of the most badass yellow rangers EVER, not to mention that she was a great actress

17 Chip (Nac Sampson)

Cartman: I wish I am rich and famous while Kyle is crying because he's dumb, he's poor, and he's a Jew

He created cute Ethan

Don't trust ronan11231

18 Tideus (Jim Gray)
19 Emily (Samurai)

Reall y beautiful but would be better of with black long hair

She kicks but and is the youngest samurai ranger

20 Calvin Maxwell (Nico Greetham)
21 Zoey (Beast Morphers)

Susan is a loser and idiot

22 Kelsey Winslow (Lightspeed Rescue)
23 Chip Thorn (Nic Sampson)
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1. Kelsey Winslow (Sasha Williams)
2. Emily (Brittany Anne Pirtle)
3. Katie Walker (Deborah Estelle Phillips)
1. Gia Moran (Ciara Hanna)
2. Trini Kwan (Thuy Trang)
3. Emily (Brittany Anne Pirtle)


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