Top Ten Best Yo-Kai


The Top Ten

1 Jibanyan

Yay, this list a actually exists.

He's one of my favorites. - Powerfulgirl10

Jibanyan is the best yo-kai. He's totes cute and I love cats, and I adore his voice, And I'm always hungry for choco-bars too! :-D - Officialpen

2 Dismarelda V 1 Comment
3 Tengu

He is a unique character. He is based on a legendary creature in Japan too! - Officialpen

He is the only yo Kai that can fight out of all of these...

4 Komasan

Komasan is the bomb. I mean, who can't love an ice cream lovin' puppy? - Officialpen

He is funny oh my swirrels


He's so cute. - Powerfulgirl10

5 Venoct

Is awesome cool

Venoct is the best! Extremely serious,stern and stoic and pretty awesome.He also has an ‚Äčamazing design.His dubbed voice is bad ass. - Addsmumba

6 Peckpocket

What's mine is mine, what's yours is mine! Mine all mine, all of it is mine!
LOL Peckpocket you are so awesome. - Officialpen

7 Kyubi

I'm in love - Officialpen


8 Peppillon

Cutest butterfly I know! - Officialpen

9 Gilgaros

This guy looks so cool that big troll

#Awesome also one hit of that mallet and I'm done for.

He is the stongest yo kai ever born in yo kai watch 1

A.K.A an Oni from Yo-kai watch that's ownable.-Vestalis

10 Dazzabel

One look at her, and...She's so pretty! - Officialpen

The Contenders

11 Insomni

Has the cutest face, voice, and eye. - Officialpen

12 Whisper
13 Shogunyan

This guy is so cool I mean who doesn't like a bagel sliced cat!?

Cute! A cat with a sword and little cat armour. And it's really strong. Best yokai ever!

14 Komajiro
15 Hovernyan
16 Happierre

A giant yellow cloud, what's not to love - Officialpen

17 Frostina V 1 Comment
18 Chilhuahua
19 Dimmy V 1 Comment
20 Dracunyan

This guy is the best and no one is better than him

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