Top Ten Best Yo-Kai


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1 Jibanyan

Yay, this list a actually exists.

Jibanyan is the best yo-kai. He's totes cute and I love cats, and I adore his voice, And I'm always hungry for choco-bars too! :-D - Officialpen

He's one of my favorites. - Powerfulgirl10

I like him

2 Venoct

Not better than Shadow Venoct, But still awesome!

Is awesome cool

Venoct is the best! Extremely serious,stern and stoic and pretty awesome.He also has an ​amazing design.His dubbed voice is bad ass. - Addsmumba

3 Dismarelda V 1 Comment
4 Komasan

Komasan is the bomb. I mean, who can't love an ice cream lovin' puppy? - Officialpen

He is funny oh my swirrels


He's adorable and unintentionally smart, too!

V 1 Comment
5 Tengu

He is a unique character. He is based on a legendary creature in Japan too! - Officialpen

He is the only yo Kai that can fight out of all of these...

6 Peckpocket

What's mine is mine, what's yours is mine! Mine all mine, all of it is mine!
LOL Peckpocket you are so awesome. - Officialpen

7 Kyubi

I'm in love - Officialpen


8 Gilgaros

This guy looks so cool that big troll

He is awesome looking and his stats are unbelievable, he is an oni, and his is gilgaros!

#Awesome also one hit of that mallet and I'm done for.

He is the stongest yo kai ever born in yo kai watch 1

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9 Peppillon

Cutest butterfly I know! - Officialpen

10 Dazzabel

One look at her, and...She's so pretty! - Officialpen

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? Robonyan F Robonyan F
? Last Shogunyan

The Contenders

11 Whisper
12 Shogunyan

This guy is so cool I mean who doesn't like a bagel sliced cat!?

Cute! A cat with a sword and little cat armour. And it's really strong. Best yokai ever!

13 Snartle

STARTLE THIS GUYS LITTERLY OWNS IN BATTLES. He also has sword hunting which boosts strength and spirit. Similar to Pokemon's beast boost.
. - Jeffs

He's ok...

14 Insomni

Has the cutest face, voice, and eye. - Officialpen

15 Hovernyan

Hovernyan is awesome. he is an important character in Yokai Watch 2 which is awesome.

16 Komajiro
17 Happierre

A giant yellow cloud, what's not to love - Officialpen

18 Frostina V 1 Comment
19 Chilhuahua
20 Dimmy V 1 Comment
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