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The Top Ten Best Yo Mama So Hairy Jokes

1 Yo mama is so hairy that when she walked into Chucky Cheese they thought she was the rat

Yo mama so hairy people liked her fursuit in a furry convention

That's crazy I'm only 13 still taking my lil sisters cousins nieces nephews and all to chucky cheese and know I don't even wanna go no more lmfaoo!

Yeah same with my momm she is so harry and big foot had to shave her

Yo mamma's bum is so hairy when she fart's, she fart's dandruff!

2 Yo mama is so hairy that Bigfoot proposed to her

Laugh out loud this is so funny I dropped my ipad


It's a nice Joke But I wanted to say this Joke:

Yo mama is so Hairy people get confused which specie she is

I like it but hear it already so I guess still kinda funny

3 Yo mama so hairy, she walked into a store and the clerk said, No pets allowed.

haha very funny man wer di you ge the joke fro you made the very funny joke you should say that on the news that was funny men love to see anouther joke of yours some day

Awesome it made me fall of the couch this morning

So funny I fell on the ground when I heard it

Yo mama so hairy she dyed her hair green and sat in someone's yard and they said: I never planted a bush here! - PokemonRPGbro

4 Yo mamma so hairy, the only language she speaks is Wookie.

That's boss man I could use it and own all My friends

Laugh out loud saying this a school today


My friend told me this one and I pissed myself

5 Yo Momma So Harry She Got Afros On Her Nipples

Wow that was a good one... Wait what if that happened in real life?

Your mum is so hairy when you were born you got a carpet burn

I think it's the best

How hairy were those nipples? Were those nipples as hairy like Bigfoot

6 Yo mama is so hairy that for Halloween she dies herself green and goes as a bush

Laugh out loud can't wait to say this to dis girl I don't like see what she have to say after that

Best joke out of all of them, clean and not so mean. Also it could be she dyed herself green and was the grinch for halloween

Ring ring ring the forest called they want their bush back

That's where my walking bush went

7 Yo mama is so hairy that she is why theory started that we all sprang from apes

Laugh out loud my I'm going to tell that to my mom and say mom you're so hairy you are the reason why we sprang from apes laugh out loud local

THIS SHOULD BE #1 laugh out loud can't STOP LAUGHING

But she didn't spring far enough - hurjelert

Sucks make it way better

8 Yo mama is so hairy, that when she donated a quarter of her hair to cancer, they made 1,000 wigs

This is really offensive to those that have cancer

That's a horrible joke making fun of people who have cancer

Hey dude who thought this was so funny and your only 8 and your writing this I would hate to be your friend that is rruuddee and person who said its not offensive that's a lie my grandma died with breast cancer if she was a live you would get spanked with a belt

To everyone who says it's offensive to cancer- it's not. Honestly. It's offensive to yo momma, but people with cancer were not insulted by this joke

9 Yo mama is so hairy, that they filmed Gorillas in the Mist in her shower

I woke my sleeping parents with how much I was laughing! Laugh out loud I loved that movie but now that image haunts my dreams... - cookiepops101

I peed twice! Great one!

That is so funny I was peeing my pants...

This must be number 1 guys. Died of laughter! - Animefan12

10 Yo mama is so hairy that she was the bearded lady at the circus

Not funny that's like totes not funn

I have a better one, "YO mama is so hairy, when she gave birth to you, you got rug burns! "

This is the DUMBEST joke I have ever, get better!


The Contenders

11 Yo mama so hairy, her mom nearly died of rugburn while giving birth.

Awesome insult! I will use this whenever I can!


Yo mama so dumb she doesn't know the difference between right and wrong!

I was eating breakfast and almost peed my pants!

12 Yo mama is so hairy, that when she went to the barber he took out hedge trimmers


Haha wait I thought that

Was your mom

Made me crack up for over 5 mins laugh out loud

This one is amatuer yo mama is so uglu

13 Yo momma, so hairy when she went to the zoo, the gorillas tried to talk to her.

It was ok but I have seen better and bacon is awesome

14 Yo mama is so hairy that it takes her 5 days to take a bath.

I think this should be one of the yo mama so fat jokes because when people are really fat it takes then more time to bath

This is retarded... Like jerks use common sense...

That is like totes wow I mean seriously who like says this? Weirdest (but a little like totes funny) joke ever!

What a piece of jun

15 yo mama so hairy, bigfoot takes pictures of her!

That joke is so funny... Can't stop laughing...

Yo mama is so hairy she walked into the woods and mistakend her for bigfoot

Bigfoot likes a giiirl

16 Yo momma so hairy it looks like she got Chewbacca in a headlock
17 Yo mama so hairy, she scratched her head and said, Hey, I found my car keys!
18 Yo mama so hairy that she stars in Donkey Kong games
19 Yo mama is so hairy that when she went to Rainforest Cafe with her family, they asked if she was the new Gorilla

Best ever dude I laughed my butt off

I love the rain forest cafe

20 Yo mama so hairy, she makes bigfoot look bald
21 Yo mama is so hairy that she made a new animal

I'm liking this one

22 Yo mama so hairy when she went to Comic-con people thought she was dressed as Chewbacca

So funny I pooped my pants

So funny I peed my pants

23 Your mammas so hairy it looks like she has Bob Marley in a head lock

Yo so not nice I like bob marley

24 Your mums so hairy King Kong mistook her for a bush.

That is probably the worst one ever.

Hope you guys like this one!

25 Yo mama so hairy that when she was at the zoo someone said I thought animals were meant to be caged
26 Yo mama so hairy, she was put in the family tree of woolly mammoths

That's a crap joke

I totally agree

uh huh - Penguino

27 Yo mama so hairy she fell into a gorilla exhibit and the gorillas sang "We are Family"
28 Your mamas so hairy when she stepped outside the neighbors called animal control

That's good

29 Your mum's so hairy, when she went hiking, a bear came out to flirt with her
30 Yo mama so hairy, that she don't need clothes out in public.

I've got a cool joke your mammas so dumb she brought tickets to see Xbox live

31 Yo mama is so hairy she is Chewbacca in the new Star Wars movie, no costume needed.
32 Yo mama so hairy, she shaves her forehead
33 Yo mama so hairy, she was walking her dog and her friend said, I didn't know you had a twin.
34 Yo momma so hairy, every week she asks gardeners to trim her down.
35 Yo mammas so hairy she's got friction burns all over
36 Yo momma so hairy Bigfoot reported sightings of her

You mom ulgel she a wolf

Ohh burn!

37 Yo momma so hairy, when she had a baby, the baby got carpet burn.
38 Yo mamas so hairy when she went to town people thought she was big foot and took pictures

I thought this was funny

Its ok

39 Yo momma so hairy you got carpet burn when she gave birth to you
40 Yo mama is so hairy that it took her 10 days just to brush her head
41 Yo mama is so hairy it makes her dog look bald

That. Suck. So. Much

42 Yo mama so hairy, you got rug burn at birth
43 Yo mama so hairy she signed a contract with the waxing company
44 Yo mama so hairy someone got lost in her
45 Yo mama so hairy, Jane Goodall set up base camp in her bathroom.

Did you get that off of Teddy from the Big Nate comics?

46 Yo mamma so hairy, when she entered the pet store the clerk said are are you lost little guy?
47 Yo mama so hairy, she stars as donkey kong

Yo mama so hairy she gets a haircut at the dog groomer store.

Yo Mama 64? Diddy Mama? Tiny Mama? Chunky Mama? Lanky Mama?

48 Yo mama so hairy when a camper sees her he yells "bear"

Yo mamas so hairy that Bigfoot took pictures of her

49 Yo mama so hairy that zoo keepers thought she was Harambe and they shot her
50 Yo mams so hairy, that when she stepped out the shower, they started fillming Gorillas in the mist
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