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1 Yo mama so stupid she got fired from the M&M's factory for throwing away all the Ws

Best yo mamma joke ever! I feel out of my chair and dropped my iPod! #1 yo mamma joke, NOBODY can beat this! I peed my pants and started crying! Haha! Everyday people tell me yo mamma jokes and I don't ever laugh! Awesome!

Super super super funny. How do you guy come up with this stuff. yo mama so stupid that she try to slip in between the yellow lines on the road. yo mama so stupid she sticks bat
Treys up her butt and says I got the power

Oke... Rocks, but listen to this one: "Please don't introduce me to your mom, her breath smells like a century old fart." Haha what do you say of it now. It's straight from Suriname.


2 Yo mama so stupid when a robber stole her TV, she ran after him saying, "you forgot the remote"

This proves she is secretly a genius. The robber would be laughing so hard at this that he would have to stop and catch his breath from laughing too hard, and yo mama will then catch up to him and whap him in the face with the remote, take the TV back, and binge watch Stranger Things

I'm not a big fan of these jokes because they are kinda rude to people's moms... But this one made me laugh my head off!

The first one almost made no sense and was bout to exit website, but then this one made me pee in my pants! OhGosh, my Mom is mad!

So funny! Showed this to my friend during a math test and he laughed like hell! Good one!

3 Yo mama so stupid she got hit by a parked car

Wow I for one think these are the best I've ever seen by the way here's a new one yo mommas so stupid she touches the lightbulb when it's on.

Laugh out loud I think that all of the are funny but the this is the best because how are you going to get hit by a parked car.

It's funny like hell, and makes me lmfao like yo mama depends on it.

I used this in a yo mama contest and won the contest... No more to say there about how great and funny this joke is

4 Yo mama so stupid she put two quarters in her ear and said I'm listening to 50 Cent

So funny but honestly, imagine if she actually listens to 50 cent!

Laugh out loud I know a one similar to that. Yo momma so stupid she put m&ms in her ears so she could listen to eminen!

This is the funniest joke EVER I'm laughing so hard right now!

I almost pissed my pants when I heard this one

5 Yo mama so stupid she bought tickets to Xbox Live.

I love all these jokes! I won in a competition today using all these come backs

I sold x box tickets to stupid people once and yo mama bought one

I'm going to use these for comebacks, I love this website

Omigosh don't know how they come up with this bit like they need to more often

6 Yo mama so stupid she got locked in Mattress World and slept on the floor.

This is hilarious this is the best made up yo mamas so stupid joke in the entire universe and this is coming from a guy who loves to determine which mamma joke is the best and so far this one is!

That's really funny who ever thought of this 1 go 2 face book and post some more so I can read some. Thanks. Peace out suckers.

These jokes are so stupid they're funny, and this is the stupidest

I'm in love with this list, but this one's my favorite

7 Yo mama so stupid, she threw a rock at the ground and missed

I was in the library when I read this joke and I busted out laughing and got in trouble for being too loud. It reminds me of a friend of mine, whenever she throws a rock it never goes where she's aming.

That's the most best joke I've ever heard. Yo mama so fat when she went into a church and sat on a bible jesus came out and said let my people go.

ROFLMAO! This is an awesome yo mama joke because it just makes no sense. It makes somebody feel like an idiot

The funniest thing, I never laughed so many times, another really funny joke is "what did the lawyer say tot eh other lawyer" were both lawyers hahaaha

8 Yo mama so stupid, she stopped at a stop sign and waited all day for it to say go.

Beast laugh out loud so funny this is the best my friend just peed on his self

Can't stop laughing from that one. I made my best friend cry from that one

That was so funny that a newborn baby will now what to! 1

Now that's something only a stupid person would do haha rotfl haha wow that was great hehe

9 Yo mama so stupid she sold her car for gas money

Last time I did that was when I had 5 more cars and it was just a small mr miny sized car that doesn't even work so no reason to worry your mom should have enough gas to trade a car for P.S. well maybe a toy car

So funny I told my friends this and they started laughing hard core.

This is my joke I use this in my class every one is quiet and I yell YAH BOY so loud

I said to my GF and she was laughing and got the kiss yeah

10 Yo mama so stupid, when I asked her to play a game of 1 on 1 basketball with me, she said, Okay, but who's on my team?

This is so Funny, I need to tell my friends this one

God this is so funny gotta tell my friends

Laugh out loud I almost pissed

It could be one team on one team

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11 Yo mama so stupid, when she threw a grenade at me, I pulled the pin and threw it back.

LMFAO!, I did this once with ma cousin, she threw a stink bomb at my but (yea she loves it... I know she's a weirdo, but whatever, I picked it up and shaked it and threw it at HER butt, when she was trying to run away, she picked it up and tried to throw it at me but exploded on her, LOL it was so funny

I have a great sense of humor, and this one was the only one that made me laugh out of all of these... I may quite literal have wet myself and it took me a while to write this through laughing too much laugh out loud

All your mommas out there watch out for them cars. Bring me that ladder I've had drinks on the house. If she was locked in matress world she should have slept on a mattress but them fell off.

HEY! Now that's what call a joke ROFLMFAO damn I really like it, it should be like number 1 for sure
Whoever made it up has some sense of humor I Swear

12 Yo mama so stupid she sat on the T.V. and watched the couch.

Best one yet. I tried this and my mom yelled at me for trying to recreate a yo mama joke! I didn't even know she liked them, let alone enough to be familiar with what I was doing! Insanity.

Oh my gosh that is the funniest one. Second would be the one before this one. I just showed this to my friend and we laughed histerically. That would be something a dumbass would do.

Mom: "What's it doing now? No, don't go in the corner! Don't do it! "
Son: "Mom, it's a couch."
Mom: "I know, I was looking at the porn on your laptop"
Son *Blushes*

! Seriously this woman is? I just don't understand how she could have a brain such as this to do such nonsense

13 Yo mama so stupid when I said drinks are on the house she went and fetched a ladder.

It made my class laugh and it my my teacher laugh and fart laugh out loud vote

This cracked me up! I have another one yo mama so fat she sad on an ipod and made an ipod

Laugh out loud that's pretty brill but if you want a really good diss go buy a mirror

That is so funny laugh out loud mamma jokes are funny

14 Yo mama so stupid when she was on the train tracks she started to play subway surfers

Gonna use this in the insult tournament

I love that game, hilarious

She's going too die! And lol

How many point she got

15 Yo mama so stupid she put a quarter in a parking meter and waited for a gumball to come out

To the person who said "wow this is something I would do " YOU'RE THE MOM THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT! I'm gonna use this as a "signature joke" at my school. :D

Lolol this joke should seriously be number one! Like seriously if this happens... Yo mama really is stupid
Lml I'm just kidding.

That stupid because she is at a gas station and she think it is a gumbAll machine

This stuff is funny and wish me luck I got a yo mama tournament at my school

16 Yo mama so stupid, she gave birth to you

DAMN that is just total burn epic we need a fire truck here holy mother of god that is so insulting to both you genius!

I don't get this one. Do you want to hear mine? Here it goes.
Yo mama so stupid, she thought Big Nate was a giant.

Laugh out loud that's so funny I feel like that about my friends
So times laugh out loud x

I think that this is hilarious but it don't make since much... My favorite was 1.

17 Yo mama so stupid when her army partner said enemy at three o'clock she said what do I do until then

When they say enemy at 3 o clock, just imagine 3 o clock's position on the clock. It's on the right so the army partner meant to say enemy on the Eastern side. by the way this was coming from a 12 yr old and I didn't research it.

How dumb can you people get put something people can understand.
Jokes it was good
Sike dumb ass

Love this joke so funny


18 Yo mama so stupid, I told her to buy a color T.V, and she asked, what color?

I'm sure all tvs are in color now-a days but still good joke

Yo mama so stupid she waited for for a stop sign to say go.

Good one! I'm surprised I haven't heard this one before.

Basically your mums vagina

19 Yo mama so stupid that she thought her calendar tells time

Yo mama so stupid she thought her face was a butt/because it smelled

Yo mama so stupid she bought a dvd on how to fix a dvd player

Yo mama so stupid she still goes to school

This is so funny 😁

20 Yo mama so stupid she thought sea weed was something fish smoked

So funny I am going to tell my friends about this

That is so funny! I just can't stop laughing

This are on you tube by yo mama watch it

This to crazy laugh out loud! This ya boy Jarquavious Smith From Greenville

21 Yo mama so stupid, when she hears about a serial killer she hides her Cheerios!

I was in my car reading this and when I saw this one I couldn't stop laughing

It's the best joke ever it going to help us in our story a lot thank you!

I snorted when I laughed... laugh out loud

Hilarious I laughed for 5 minutes

22 Yo mama so stupid, she tried to eat Eminem

If she succeeded I would be SO MAD!

Hey before I read this list I came up with that

23 Yo mama so stupid when she got a splinter she said where's the Ninja Turtles

Funny because splinter is the rat.

24 Yo mama so stupid she still rides a bike with training wheels

I know some people that don't know without training wheels

This one isn't even funny

this sucks


25 Yo mama so stupid that she tried to find the coin slot to play the Xbox

Never heard this one before lmao I'm gonna use this one!

Hehe that is awesome top 5

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