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1 Yo mama so ugly she gave Freddy Krueger nightmares.

She must be Barney or something to give Freddy nightmares. Because Freddy is supposed to control your dreams... Poor Freddy. He probably wishes he can control his own dream now.

! LOLZ! Dude that's like F---in sweet, that made me laugh until I stopped laughing! I stopped laughing after about half an hour or somethin' (P.S. don't laugh to long it makes your cheeks hurt lolz)

I mean seriously, Freddy Kruger never sleeps, or does he!? Over all that's really hilarious, and I laughed so hard I was about to die!

Listen to this... You're so ugly when you went to hell the devil sent you to god and said "god please don't send me you're sins". :0

2 Yo mama so ugly, Hello Kitty said goodbye to her.

HILARIOUS really funny I like good comeback, this definitely one of my favorites. Quick and simple, but dang it's smart

Laugh out loud that is so so funny HAHA this is original too laugh out loud I love this one

Hah, I've never heard this until now, and I'm going to show everybody now, that us hysterical

Very good but have you heard this one yo mama so stupid she tried to climb mountain due

3 Yo mama so ugly her birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory.

Yo mama so ugly that when she needed a tooth pulled, the dentist mistakenly pulled a piece of corn from her butt.

This one will shut them all down!

Yup I said that to your mom she cried then made it up to me and that's how your brother was made

Does anyone need some ice cause they just got burned(;!

4 Yo mama so ugly she made One Direction go another direction.

The funny part about it is the name is one direction and the mama was so ugly that the one direction went the other direction.

I use to like there music!

Oh my gosh! That is so hilarious! My and my brothers were laughing so hard that one of my brothers almost peed in his pants!

Dam that was a good your mom is so ugly jokes good people.

It's not offensive to One Direction ahahaahaha I couldn't stop laughing at this! I didn't find it offensive even though I'm a Directioner.

5 Yo mama so ugly I put her face on a carton of milk and it spoiled.

This one blows me away! (giggle) yo mama so stupid the ONLY letters she will ever know are KFC (finger liking good! )

Can, somebody please get me another pair of pants? Or maybe a diaper? It would be useful when reading this

Laugh out loud I'm eleven and I know that's funny but I think it should be a little higher right? Ps laugh out loud

Awesome one I got my boyfriend and he shut his mouth laugh out loud

6 Yo mama so ugly Satan died of fright.

Yo mama so ugly they didn't give her a costume when she tried out for Star Wars. Yo mama so ugly when she walks into a bank, they turn off the surveillance cameras. Yo mama so ugly I told her to take out the trash and she moved out of my house.

So funny it made me crack up and than I told this to my mom she just crack up

That is laugh out loud it made me cry Mariah heard it laugh out loud what

Yo mama is so ugly that they wrote a truck of books about her face

7 Yo mama so ugly she made a Happy Meal cry.

Love this were do you get this love them on this every day nice one

Yo mama so old her first Christmas was the first Christmas

I think that joke is the best of of this website

That was so hilariously funny

8 Yo mama so ugly when she was born her mom said, "What a treasure", and her dad said, "Yes, lets go bury it."

This joke reminds me of my sister. My sister looks, acts, talks, and thinks like Squidward. She even took a Spongebob personality quiz on Facebook and got Squidward. I would like to bury her in the Earth's inner core.

Laugh out loud Cracks me up keep up the cool yo mama jokes guys ha ah ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha! I have been looking for some good your momma jokes to tell my friends and this one is AWESOME.

How can a lad airy be that ugly and why would you Barry your daughter it's so funny

9 Yo mama so ugly she went into a haunted house and came out with a paycheck.

My favorite joke of the year so far. Beside from yo mama so fat when she sat on wal-mart the prices went down!

I think this should be number one best yo mama so ugly joke ever

So cool and funny told it to my friends and they were like BURN!

So damn funny, made me laugh more than any other!

10 Yo mama so ugly when she went trick-or-treating, the kids said she had a really ugly costume.

Yo mama is so fat that when she was diagnosed with a flesh-eating disease, the doctor gave her ten years to live.
Yo mama is so fat that the National Weather Service names each one of her farts.

Wow they will all go home crying I loved all your disses; I'm speechless

Your mamas so fat she jumped on a school and everything broke

All of them are funny laugh out loud number 1,2,3,5 are the funniest

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11 Yo mama so ugly, her reflection said "I quit."

Yo mamma so ugly when she was born a space monster came to earth and said,"Is this my baby? "

Man that is a hilarious one it should be in the top ten

Yo mama is so ugly santa said ho ho holy crap

! That momma should just go dig up her grave.

12 Yo mama so ugly she made an onion cry.

Your mama so ugly the cops arrested her for the ugly law and she was the first person to break it

That was very very funny that was very very funny that was very very funny I dropped my phone

You're so pathetic, you took out this joke from the internet and pretended that you made it up

Wow that is drop dead funny I'm telling my class this I'll remember that for the rest of my life

13 Yo mama so ugly when she went to the bathroom she scared the crap out of the toilet

I get it because crap is another word for poop and its scare the crap out of the toilet

Yo mama so stupid she tried to climb Mountain Dew

Not funny you need to learn how to spell!

It's the only one that makes sense

14 Yo mama so ugly when she walks into a bank, they turn off the security cameras.

That was hilarious I told my friends that and they burst out laughing. I am going to tell everybody I meet this joke. It never ever gets old. I laughed for like 50 min.

So funny... I almost ped in my pants laugh out loud

Laugh out loud 1-10 are the best thanks for the laugh.

That was so funny it was the second I laughed at

15 Yo mama so ugly she turned Medusa to stone.

Lol I peeed my pants and when I woke up I remember when I wasdreaming I peed the bed!

I thought I invented this one

Laugh out loud My head exploded with LAUGHTER not

Frank the Policeman: GET IN THE CEEE- *freezes into stone*

16 Yo mama so ugly she jumpscared Freddy Fazbear.
17 Yo mama so ugly they changed Halloween to YoMamaween.

This one killed at my school when I told it beckerline P. Laugh out loud yo mama so ugly she made a happy meal sad

Yo momma is so ugly bob the builder looked at her and said I can't fix that

Really really my friend laughs at everything but he didn't even smile

Yo mama is so ugly little kids thought of the nightmare next door

18 Yo mama so ugly when she entered an ugly contest they said sorry we don't allow professionals.

Mad Hatter is in the video. But I have a joke for you:

Yo Mama so ugly, in Final Destination, she goes landscaping then she almost killed everyone in it with her face, then the franchise ended by getting arrested for murder attempts and vandalism.

Nice one I thought I died and went to your mama joke heaven.

Everyone should know that this joke is NOT FUNNY!

That was so funny that I am still laughing

19 Yo mama so ugly she makes blind children cry.

LOL this is really good!

I think its great

20 Yo mama so ugly her parents wanted a refund from the hospital.

That is so funny man

21 Yo mama so ugly when she wanted to be a monster for Halloween her parents said you don't need a costume for that.

Make so much sense. There is barely any joke that can make me laugh but this one did

That was good that should be number 1

That made me and my parents laugh but then I got punnished

Crack me out dam that was funny

22 Yo mama so ugly when the sun came up the moon went in front of it.

And that is what the cause of solar eclipse is

23 Yo mama so ugly, the last time I saw something like her face, I pinned a tail on it.

Lol this the only one that I laugh at

I don't get that

Nice one

LOL! This is so funny! :)))(((::: how is this not higher?!?!?

24 Yo mama is so ugly she got arrested for mooning when she took that paper bag off her head.

Lololololol this is so funny I used this on my enemy and she is now nice to me lmfao

That's funny laugh out loud

25 Yo mama so ugly, she was born with an apology letter from God.

That was a little inappropriate

Laugh out loud T:


I give that
100000000000 that is funny make more mamma jokes

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