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1 yo momma so old I told her to act her age and she died

That is so funny
my grampa laughed

This was hilarious I told my sister and she laughed and almost speed herself

I laughed so hard I think your mother next to me heard me, and that's saying something!

LOL,funniest joke ever still rolling on the floor laughing

2 Yo mama so old, she watches the History Channel to see if she's on.

I checked history channel she was on it

I choked on my drink because that joke lol

I was watching History Channel, and she was on it.

She's everywhere in every history show in just one History Channel.

3 Yo mama so old, she walked out of a museum and the alarm went off.

I laughed so hard when I read that

Really funny the best one yet

This made me crack up hard. That is funny stuff. This should be number two. Number one is funny but this one is my favorite.

It is so funny do you want to hear one yo mama is so fat she when she died she broke the stairway to heaven

4 Yo mama so old, her birth certificate says, Expired.

Did she even get a birth certificate

Fell off the chair! Hilarious!

I fell of the bed laughing laugh out loud xoxo

It is so funny it is the most funny thing

5 yo momma so old she rode dinosaurs to school

One funny joke is, " yo momma so old her breast milk turned to powder. "

I ALMOST pissed my pants (ALMOST)

Yo moma so old she babysat yoda!

Laugh out loud girl that was so funny your funny

6 yo momma so old she farts dust

Pissing myself right now! Laugh out loud

Laugh out loud that's disgusting and hilarious at the same time, my sister almost wet herself!

I was just like ch.
I never do that

So funny I told my nana she ran to the toilet that quick she got there on time

7 Yo mama so old she still remembers what was going on in World War 2

I low this so much I try to get my friends to do it

It's okay kind of but good job

That’s awful

8 Yo mama so old she died 100 years ago

This joke is not funny

That joke was so funny I forgot to laugh

I've got one mrs smith is so old she was there before the dinosaurs

I got one yo mama so old when she went to history class there was no history

9 Yo mama so old that she still thought White Castle burgers still cost a dime

I got one yo mama so old she has moses in her yearbook

Yo mama so old she thought burger king was a Price

It was funny joke

Laugh out loud that is funny

10 yo momma so old she was classmates with Jesus

Really not funny at all

That's wrong man. Really

I'm a Christian and it is still funny. This joke is not making fun of Jesus at all. Jesus is a great man and no one would be mean and talk about him. I'm a Mississippi boy and you're the one saying your a Christian. Down here in the south its all about Jesus, church, sweet tea, and shotguns son.

Stupid idiots! I'm CHRISTIAN! So NOT funny

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11 Yo mama is so old that when she was in high school she didn't have history class

I love charcoal chickens and baby peeps

My mom is that old to

Ha ha so lucky I HATE history 😂

12 yo momma so old she remembers fifty cent when he was a penny

that is the funniest joke I've ever heard

That is so not FUNNY

That was so funny I'm still peeing myself

You only get it if your black

13 Yo mama so old she owes Jesus a dollar

I hate all these dumb coments about jesus don't you like have a thing that everything that happens is gods will then maybe this joke is also gods will not that I'm Christian or something

Stupid joke stop joking about him

We did not offend Jesus.



14 Yo mama so old that she remembers when the gods had war

That is so funny

Wow great jokes when I herd them I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants!

I don't think that's normal

Not funny it is mean

15 Yo mama is so old, she attend the wedding of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar
16 Yo mama so old that when Jesus was a baby, God hired her to babysit.

Quit getting offended it's a joke their supposed to be offending

That is not funny imagine Christian and that is the lamest joke I ever heard

I'd agree with the guy who's a Christian. because I'm one 2

I am a Christian too and this very offending

17 Yo mama is so old, when I asked her age she said I can't count that high

Ha ha it sounds like you.

18 yo momma so old she had sex with George Washington

Wrong but supper funny dude

But momma can't get laid

Damn that s a good one

That is a funny you mama joke I ever heard

19 Yo mama so old, the candles cost more than the birthday cake.

Homemade Song Contest is the best online contest ever!

So so so funny



20 yo momma so old she's young


It's funny because it doesn't make sense laugh out loud!

Even lame than #9

You said he is stupid for spelling mistakes. You said bra for bro and stoopid for stupid. Dumb ass

21 Yo mama so old she sat behind Moses in kindergarten

I'm glad no triggered children on in this (at the time I post this)

22 Yo mamas so old she left her purse on Noah's ark

F people that Said bad things about god.

Not funny, I'm a Christian

Its ok, god does not exist


23 Yo mama so old her Social Security number is 1
24 your momma so old she ran away to freedom with Harriet Tubman

That should have been first big time!

Bull crap and racist

That is not resist

This is goog have goods

25 Yo mama so old that she remembers when we had to use bus tokens to get on the bus

Yo mama is so smelly she went to the doctor they had to be in a gas mask

That it ledery the domest joke I ever heard

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