Top 10 Yo Momma So Old Jokes

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1 Yo mama so old I told her to act her age and she died

I laughed so hard I think your mother next to me heard me, and that's saying something!

Man I almost piss my self but anyway if there is girls around my dick is big do you wont some

This was hilarious I told my sister and she laughed and almost speed herself

Love this joke! Still laughing at it now! Lol! My friend took a pic of it an saved it

2 Yo mama so old, she watches the History Channel to see if she's on

They should add yo mama so old that when god there shall be light she was there to flip the swith

She's everywhere in every history show in just one History Channel.

I was watching History Channel, and she was on it.

I checked history channel she was on it

3 Yo mama so old, she walked out of a museum and the alarm went off

This made me crack up hard. That is funny stuff. This should be number two. Number one is funny but this one is my favorite.

I is so funny I started to cry because I was laughing so hard:-D

I laughed so hard when I read that

That's hilarious I laughed so hard when I saw that

4 Yo mama so old, her birth certificate says, "Expired"

Did she even get a birth certificate

It is so funny it is the most funny thing

Rubbish never want to hear it again

Fell off the chair! Hilarious!

5 Yo mama so old she rode dinosaurs to school

Laugh out loud girl that was so funny your funny

I guess yo mama was in the same class as Fred Flinstone.

That is awesome. Sweet joke

I just pissed my pants

6 Yo mama so old she farts dust

Laugh out loud that's disgusting and hilarious at the same time, my sister almost wet herself!

So funny I told my nana she ran to the toilet that quick she got there on time

Yo mammals so dump she stuck a car battery up her butt and said I got the power

Haha that dust must be on the floor. Come on seriously lady no people do not want you

7 Yo mama so old she still remembers what was going on in World War 2

I low this so much I try to get my friends to do it

It's okay kind of but good job

8 Yo mama so old she died 100 years ago

That's funny anyone could think of that!

Makes no sense but still funny! :-)

Seriously? I Don't Even Know How to Respond to This.

9 Yo mama so old that she still thought White Castle burgers still cost a dime

Laugh out loud that is funny

It was a really funny joke

It was funny joke

Haha that was halirous

10 Yo mama so old she was classmates with Jesus

I'm a Christian and it is still funny. This joke is not making fun of Jesus at all. Jesus is a great man and no one would be mean and talk about him. I'm a Mississippi boy and you're the one saying your a Christian. Down here in the south its all about Jesus, church, sweet tea, and shotguns son.

Will you Christians stop being so overly sensitive! Its just a joke, and we did not say 'Jesus is ...'. We just said that Jesus is very old. Do you realize how whiny you sound just because of a joke that 'offended Jesus'? STOP SPOILING OUR JOKES!

Just because you're a christian doesn't mean that all that stuff that apparently happened with jesus didn't happen like 2000 years ago dude. Quit being so sensitive
Besides - it's a joke

Calm down, fools. I'm Christian and this didn't offend me at all. You guys are overreacting.

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11 Yo mama so old she remembers 50 Cent when he was a penny

That was so funny I'm still peeing myself

You only get it if your black

There are only like 4 really funnny old mama jokes.

Lol this is amazing

12 Yo mama so old when she was in high school she didn't have history class

That's just sad dude I find it stupid but my teacher wet her pants O.O

My mom is that old to

YOMAMA so old,when she was having history class,they just wrote down what they were doing.

Ha ha so lucky I HATE history 😂

13 Yo mama so old she owes Jesus a dollar

More like 5 billion dollars!

14 Yo mama so old she remembers when the Gods had war

Wow great jokes when I herd them I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants!

That is so funny

Where was the war?

15 Yo mama so old that when Jesus was a baby, God hired her to babysit

This is the number one I was cracking up.

Almost the latest joke I've ever herd

16 Yo mama so old, she attend the wedding of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar
17 Yo mama so old she had sex with George Washington

That is a funny you mama joke I ever heard

Would George Washington wanna do that?

Wrong but supper funny dude

But momma can't get laid

18 Yo mama so old, when I asked her age she said I can't count that high

Ha ha it sounds like you.

Your joke is sooo funny!

19 Yo mama so old, her birthday candles cost more than the birthday cake

There are too much candles! Candles=140$ Cake=14$

So so so funny

20 Yo mama so old she's young

This is completely not logical.
That is exactly y it hilarious

It's funny because it doesn't make sense laugh out loud!

Laugh out loud... Who EVER made dis joke need to go'n wit d'ey life mane... Like forellz.


21 Yo mama so old she sat behind Moses in kindergarten
22 Yo mama so old she left her purse on Noah's Ark

This is funny I hate all the comments saying they are Christians we don't care this is the internet

What? Noah would've put Yo'ld Mama on the 'Not in 2s' list because she so flippin' old 4 crying out loud

23 Yo mama so old she ran away to freedom with Harriet Tubman

That should have been first big time!

LOL LMFAO I am dying. HAHAAHAHAA LOLOLOLOLOL o my god I can't breathe. Jesus save me from my laughter

24 Yo mama so old her Social Security number is 1
25 Yo mama so old that she remembers when we had to use bus tokens to get on the bus
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