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21 Yo mama so old, she remembers Burger King when he was a prince.

The first yo mama joke I've ever heard

Oh yeah I heard of that one before.

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22 Yo mamma so old, her breast milk is powder.

So funny last time I heard that, I laughed so hard I fell off my dinosaur

This one is so funny its off of white chicks.

Her breast milk turned into sour cream

Gross kid are reading this

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23 Yo mama so old, she was a waitress at the Last Supper.

That's so funny

I remember the last time I laughed at that joke. I was playing cards with God

Shut up

24 yo momma so old she when god said let their be light she hit the switch

I've heard this before its one of my fav alltime jokes - PinkLemonade

25 Yo mama so old, she went into an antiques auction and three people tried to bid on her.

He he he oh my gosh! How.. Who.. Oh my gosh this is absolutely insane! How... Who?!.. Oh dear help us God!

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26 Yo mama so old she sat behind Jesus in second grade

Laugh my but off most hilarious Jesus joke

Keep doing jesus jokes

Stop doing Jesus yo mama jokes. Its really offensive and inappropriate and it's making fun of our savior. Stop it now.

Seriously how is this making fun of Jesus? You're taking this a bit too seriously

Come on, its just a joke.Don't take it too seriously! A Christian boy here evn said he was not offended. We did not say bad about jesus in either of these jokes. Stop Spoiling it, for the last time.

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27 Yo mamma so old she is the reason we know about history because she was there when it all started

Hilarious! Almost pissed my pants! - Animefan12

Haahahaa that's funny but I have something for you, yo mama so ugly she made one directio go I another direction!

28 Yo mama so old, she longs for the days when boys sent her poems by Morse code.
29 yo momma so old she's homies with Alexander the great

That = just wrong

30 Yo mama so old, the key on Ben Frankin's kite was to her apartment.

This is funny. -looks around awkwardly- -gets up and walks away-

31 Yo mama so old, she's older than yo granny

Yo mama is so old she tells you about her having a meeting with Jesus

"That almost made me call my granny

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32 Yo mama so old that she dated Vince McMahon Sr.

Oh wow This is so confusing I couldn't even pronounce the name mcmahons or whatever funniest joke ever laugh out loud ROFL ROLING ON FLOOR LAUGHING!

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33 Yo mama so old, she was there before God created the Earth

Not only does it suck.
Its impossible its basically saying that she is God.

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34 yo mama is so old and fat she is what Moses used to part the Red Sea

You can not have two jokes at once. by the way, y do you use God related racism?

It's not racism at all racism is for RACE and this is not RACE it is RELIGION

35 Yo mama so old, when she was our age, they didn't have a history class.

That's just sad dude I find it stupid but my teacher wet her pants O.O

YOMAMA so old,when she was having history class,they just wrote down what they were doing.

36 Your momma so old that they don't have a name for it
37 Yo mama so old, her high school year book is printed on a rock.
38 Yo mamma's so old, when you slap her back dust comes out

To mama teeth are so yellow that when she smiles traffic slows down

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39 Yo mama is so old, when I asked her age she said I can't count that high

Ha ha it sounds like you.

40 Yo mama so old, she has scars from fighting the gladiators.
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