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21 Yo momma so poor when I ring the doorbell I hear the toilet flush

Sad bit toilet flush but laugh out loud who ever wrote that

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22 Yo Momma so poor she can't even afford to go to the free clinic

That's a rubbish joke this ones better your momma is so poor the ducks throw bread at her

Yo momma so poor, I saw her kicking a can down the street one day, ask her what she was doing, she said moving... Is my favorite yo momma so poor joke EVER!

This is my homemade joke yo mamma has so much dandruff that when she scratches her head dandruff falls out and people were like SNOW!

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23 Yo Momma so poor I went through her front door and tripped over the back fence

Told this too my mom. She wasn't impressed - Danielsun182

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24 Yo momma so poor, when I spat on floor she jumped and yelled "swimming pool"

Laugh out loud and she started jumping in the spit and she said So REFRESHING

Said that to my friends mum got so busted

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25 Yo mama is so poor that when I saw her kicking a can down the street and asked what she was doing and she said moving

That is so funny I almost peed my pants

First of all I heard this joke before this site was created so I don't know why people think this is funny and something to laugh at,it not at all! #NOTFUNNY#WHATTHE HELL YOU THINK

26 Yo mama so poor, her house is made of unpaid bills.

LOOL! Amazing :D But how can she receive the bills when she have no real house?

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27 Yo Mama So Poor She Went McDonalds for Free Wifi
28 Yo Momma so poor I walked into your house and 3 roaches tripped me & tried to take my wallet

Wow laugh out loud this got me laughing hard

Laugh out loud can't stop

Laugh out loud... That's 2 funny!

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29 Yo mamma so poor that she died

It's dumb but some how I ended up dying I am not yo mama though

This one is HORRIBLE:(

Your so stupid you so poor you died make a better joke like you

This isn't funny. - TwilightKitsune

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30 Yo Mama So Poor She Tried to Steal a Free Sample V 2 Comments
31 Yo Momma so poor I visited her house, tore down the cob webs and she screamed - Who's tearing down the drapes!!!!

Laugh out loud this one is extremely funny! I cracked up oh my gosh! Too funny. Just too funny.

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32 Yo mamma so poor she has to wash paper plates

This one was so crazy, I was in a fight with my ex boyfriend and that totally ruined him. Nice...

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33 Yo Momma so poor the building society repossed her cardboard box

This is so stupid but funny that what she said! lolol - NinjaAssasin

34 Yo mama so poor she didn't have enough money to pay the electric bill in her cardboard box

Its funny because there is no electric in a cardboard box laugh out loud

That's sad I mean you can't even afford lights in a card board box

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35 Yo momma is so poor, she steals air from a bum.
36 Yo mama so poor, she steals oranges from people's trees, eats the fruit, and uses the skin for a bra.

Dame very funny but didn't pee my pants

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37 Yo mamma is so poor she opened a Gmail account so she could eat the spam.

I know one your moma is so poor every time she here free sampels she say come on kids that is dinner

Yo if she is so poor how dose she get a gmail accout dose she have a computer?

38 Yo mama's so poor I stepped on a cigarette butt and she said "who turned off the heat?"

That's a good one. I am gonna make my friends crack up with this today, since I'm going to a party.

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39 Yo mama is so poor that she when the guy at McD's gave her 15 cents back she yelled, It's Treasure! V 1 Comment
40 Yo mama so poor, the rainbows in her neighborhood are black and white.

Bad get more quality that's kiddish

This one is extremely clever for the older generation

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