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1 Yo mama so short that she has to hold up a sign that says, Don't Spit! I Can't Swim!

HA this is the best one yet I said this to my mom and she laughed hard. Whoever made this is a genius

That is so funny! I laughed my ass off


Yo mama so short, she committed suicide by jumping off of the bed! I was so disappointed when that wasn't on the list :'(

2 Yo mama so short you can see her feet on her drivers license

Who ever made this up needs some better jokes-sisi

That is so funny it cracks me up

That was like I laugh out loud and could not stop

Number one right here dog number one lol

3 Yo mama so short that she thinks the dinosaurs are mice

Now this makes no sense. Who ever created this joke are idiots

It doesn't make that much sense

That's the stupid mama jike in the world

That was really stupid. If she is so short, why would she think huge animals are really skinny

4 Yo mama so short when she sneezes, she hits her head on the floor

I told this joke on my party and every one was laughing except the mothers

How is this one #10? Should be at least top 3.

It should have higher rank

This shouldn't be down here

5 Yo mama so short she can hang glide on a Dorito

Whee fell off my couch laughing

I have just fallen of the couch and smacked my head on the landline

That is SO funny. (laugh out loud)

Lol best yo mamma joke ever

6 Yo mama so short she gotta slam-dunk her bus fare

My favorite because it puts an epic picture in my head

That was funny as hell we laughed so hard two people fell out it does leave one hell of an epic picture in your head

The only on I actual laughed at

She is THE NEXT Michael Jordan

7 Yo mama so short when I was dissin' her she tried to jump kick me in the ankle

That made me crack up good show jolly good show

I fell out of bed and laughed out a tooth

Good that was funny

It was so funny and who you are good at doing what

8 Yo mama so short she needs a ladder to pick up a quarter

I just... I died.

I have a good one "yo momma so short for her birthday she got a ladder and a tricycle"

This joke is so funny fell off the couch laughing

Man bro I farted cause of that

9 Yo mama so short it takes 9 years just to get across a pool

It's the worst one by far

Lame your momma so short when she smoke weed she can't even get high

Worst one I've ever heard. terrible

I think you need to move out of the state for yo mama jokes that bad PUNK!

10 Yo mama so short she can't even get high

This is one I've used for a few months. I was hoping this one was on here. This one is funnier than a lot of these other "Top 10"

Its so! Funny.laugh out loud laugh out loud

Its actually your mamas so short that when she tried to smoke weed she couldn't get high

This should be first!

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11 Yo mama so short ants are huge to her

This is a lame joke.

That's stupid all of them are

Laugh out loud that so funny I was laugh in my sleep

Here's another one about ants,yo mammas so short,she dug a hole,and later she saw a bunch of ants making a home in it

12 Yo mama so short she does pull-ups on a staple

That is so laugh out loud

Wow all these are boring :/

13 Yo mama so short she broke her leg jumping off the toilet

I laughed so hard I'm dizzy

I almost broke my wrist getting off the toilet because my legs lost felling but I can fell them now

Laughed so loud my dog stared at me with the ( what the hell look)

I laughed so loud that the clock fell down

14 Yo mama so short she can do backflips under the bed

Iv got one yo mammas so short she uses puddles as a pool

15 Yo mama so short she gets piggybacks from Verne Troyer

Hahaaha laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud

16 Yo mama so short she can sit on a penny and swing her legs

I loved this joke made me and my little brother laugh we are actually rolling around on the ground

It was so funny it made me die

17 Yo mama so short when she smokes weed she can't even get high

Yo mom is so stupid she thought seaweed was something fish smoke

This is the only one that's funny.

Yo mama so stupid when her doctor told her to burn some calories she set a fat person on fire

18 Yo mama so short she takes a shower in a rain drop

nice lol

Now come on that's more like a joke.
Yo momas so stupid when she gave Elsa a balloon she let it go

19 Yo mama so short she got ran over by a Hot Wheel

This is the best one on here so far, lol!

20 Yo mama so short when she sat down her feet was dangling

Ya mama so short she can do backflips under the bed

21 Yo mama so short she plays soccer with atoms

I like the funny jokes

22 Yo mama so short her head smells like feet

So funny I love this one

This one by far was the funniest to me.
I laughed for a couple minutes actually on this one.

23 Yo mama so short they call her short stuff

No please that's lame

This is one hell of ROFL moment... (don't you just love sarcasm)

24 Yo mama so short she has to use a condom as a sleeping bag

Lol best joke ever

25 Yo mama so short she hooks up with my legos

That's hilarious

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