Top Ten Yona of the Dawn Characters


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1 Yona Yona

I am lost right now between yona and hak on witch one of them should be number one but I guess this is okay yona is so cute,beautiful, selfless,loving,caring,really strong and I admire her for the huge transforming of being a useless spoiled girl who is called ( princess ) into a girl who fights and defend her kingdom more than anyone ( a true princess )

As a female, I greatly admire Yona who started from the annoying, spoiled, innocent, cliched Shoujo character to a very well-rounded strong, kind and unselfish character..

I love all AkaYona characters but I prefer a woman who I can easily looked up to even if she's a fictional character.

2 Hak Hak

To be honest I have nothing enough to describe the guy so I will just say he is the definition of a hot perfect man

Hak is life

3 Shin-Ah Shin-Ah

You can't help but love all the dragons, Shinah especially

4 Kija Kija

It's Gija. Also, eek! He's so cute! - listotaku17

5 Jae-Ha Jae-Ha
6 Yoon Yoon
7 Zeno

Why. Is. Zeno. My cute Zeno. So. Low?! ^-^*

8 Ik-Soo Ik-Soo
9 Soo-Won Soo-Won
10 Son Mundok Son Mundok

The Contenders

11 Ao
12 Tae-Jung Kang
13 Lili An
14 Min-soo
15 Geun-Tae Lee
16 Hiryuu
17 Yuno
18 Tae-yeon
19 Kaya
20 Tae-Woo
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