Top Ten Yona of the Dawn Characters

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1 Hak

The total package of a guy which every girl love. (I am a guy though) I actually like him for the balance he has. He is strong funny sarcastic serious all in one character

He's super adorable not mention how strong he is. Also I love how he cares so much for the others and obviously Yona. my type of man. sigh* if only he were real.

He is the greatest, though I kinda feel sorry that Yona never noticed him at first but this dude is my favourite character ever in romcom anime but you gotta read the manga to see Yona and him get together, honestly he is actually not cool but is cute!

To be honest I have nothing enough to describe the guy so I will just say he is the definition of a hot perfect man

2 Yona Yona (ヨナ, Yona) is the titular protagonist of the manga and anime series, Akatsuki no Yona. She is the princess of the Kouka Kingdom, the only heir of Emperor Il, and the reincarnation of the Red Dragon King Hiryuu. On her 16th birthday, she was forced to flee Hiryuu Castle after her father was more.

She is main character beautifull dependable kind and always helps anyone who is trouble. Not to mention her development was the best

We're waiting Studio Pierrot!

I will vote for her forever!

I am lost right now between yona and hak on witch one of them should be number one but I guess this is okay yona is so cute,beautiful, selfless,loving,caring,really strong and I admire her for the huge transforming of being a useless spoiled girl who is called ( princess ) into a girl who fights and defend her kingdom more than anyone ( a true princess )

3 Shin-Ah

He is adorable

I think that Shin-ah is the best character overall. He had such a depressing life and I not only feel like I can relate to that but I also feel bad for him. Though personally I have never been locked in a cave. Also he has never tried to seduce Yona like Hak and Jea-ha have, I respect that. He is a very sweet, quiet, occasionally dark, and kind character. If Shin-ah was real I would be his friend unlike anybody else besides Zero and Ao are.

I like his shyness and rage.

You can't help but love all the dragons, Shinah especially

4 Jae-Ha

I love him

5 Kija

It's Gija. Also, eek! He's so cute!

Love you KIJAA

6 Yoon

Let's be honest here; Yoon is best mom

Three words:

Yoon literally saved Yona and Hak! Without him, they’d already be dead. My gosh he’s mah little genius pretty boi. (If your wondering he’s mah bae/senpai)

7 Zeno

Everyone who has read the manga will understand that he is the best character. He is the strongest dragon and suffered most out of all of them. He always protects all others of his group with so much pain and is wise and cheerful

I'm slightly obsessed.

Why. Is. Zeno. My cute Zeno. So. Low?! ^-^*

8 Soo-Won

He’s a great ruler and kind. He even said that he never wanted to be king in the first place, and sacrificing his friendship with Hak and Yona must have been hard for him, but he still did it and let everyone view him as the antagonist in order to prosper the nation. - Goku02

9 Ik-Soo
10 Son Mundok

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11 Tae-Jung Kang

Everyone who have read the manga know that Tae-Jun really is a good guy who cares for his people... also I think he has the most character development in the whole series, only surpassed by Yona herself

His arc touched me. Seeing him come full circle and change from such a jerk into a lovable dork who does everything in his power to help not only yona, but people hurting in general was very impactful. His actions inspire his men and slowly you see gradual change. His arc was so surprisingly beautifully done and I love how it underlines that despite what Yona thinks, she has a different kind of strength; the kind of strength to inspire others as we can see in Tae Jung. I just totally did not expect to find such rich story and well developed characters in this series and I love Tae Jung

12 Ao

Super adorable!

13 Min-soo
14 Tae-Woo
15 Algira
16 Lili An
17 Geun-Tae Lee
18 Hiryuu
19 Yuno
20 Tae-yeon
21 Kaya
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