Best Yoona and Exo Couples

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1 Deer Couple (Luhan Yoona)

Love this couple... They look so real

Deer and Deer^^ This couple is very cute. Luhan like Yoona. Luyoon is real than Luseo.

Hope Yoona and Luhan will get marry! Luyoon forever! We love FAWNS!

I Love this COUPLE They look so cute - LuYoon07

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2 Sehun Yoona

This is the best!

Yoona and sehun :D

The 3rd lead dancer coupleā™„

I really love seyoon couple...

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3 Deeragon Couple (Kris Yoona)

Kris is prince and Yoona is princess. I love this couple

The best couple, they are just gorgeous

Love you so much.

Kris is a Edward Cullen's and yoona is a Bella swaan ( I love this couple )

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4 Yoona and Kai

I just think they look cute together, plus they're both my biases.

Love this too together so much

5 Jessica and Luhan
6 Chanyeol and Yoona

This couple is very much cute

7 LuYoonKai
8 KrisYoonLu (Kris & Yoona & Luhan) (Dragon2Deer)

Dragon Prince & Princess & Deer Prince
They're perfect couple. If Kris or Luhan is Yoona's boyfriend, I'll so happy.

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