Best Yoona and Exo Couples

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Deer Couple (Luhan Yoona)

Love this couple... They look so real

Deer and Deer^^ This couple is very cute. Luhan like Yoona. Luyoon is real than Luseo.

Hope Yoona and Luhan will get marry! Luyoon forever! We love FAWNS!

Love this couple Luyoon I love you

Sehun Yoona

This is the best!

Yoona and sehun :D

The 3rd lead dancer coupleā™„

I really love seyoon couple...

Deeragon Couple (Kris Yoona)

Kris is prince and Yoona is princess. I love this couple

The best couple, they are just gorgeous

Love you so much.

Kris is a Edward Cullen's and yoona is a Bella swaan ( I love this couple )

Yoona and Kai

I just think they look cute together, plus they're both my biases.

Love this too together so much

Chanyeol and Yoona

This couple is very much cute

Jessica and Luhan
KrisYoonLu (Kris & Yoona & Luhan) (Dragon2Deer)

Dragon Prince & Princess & Deer Prince
They're perfect couple. If Kris or Luhan is Yoona's boyfriend, I'll so happy.

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