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1 Yoona and Sehun

I hope yoona and sehun will pair together in we got married programme

Yeah... They look good together. I love them both! :))

I just want they fall in love together

They will look great together!

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2 Yoona and Luhan

Yoona and Luhan Are The BEST! The best Fandom Ever! Yoona's number in "OH! " is 7 and Luhan's number in "Growl" is 7.!

Luhan and YoonA are daebak!

Luhan Yoona Saranghae - LuYoon07

3 Yoona and Kai

They would be amazing together! So what if she's older? Age is just a number, their chemistry is undeniable. I think they look good together and are really compatible. The way they dance together is explosive. They're way too gorgeous. I mean, I can't... I can't even...

4 Yoona and Baekhyun

I hope baekhyun still love taeyeon

I just love Yoona and Baekhyun.

I'm sure they'll be playful together

5 Yoona and Kris
6 Yoona and D.O
7 Yoona and Chanyeol
8 Yoona and Lay

Yoona is very bright and caring... lay is very quiet and sometimes mischievous... their personalities can fill each others flaws and can be a prank couple too... both of them are hardworking despite all the hate they get and smile even in hardest time... gives the warm feeling to others...

9 Yoona and Suho
10 Yoona and Tao

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11 Yoona and Xiumin
12 Yoona and Chen
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1. Yoona and Sehun
2. Yoona and Luhan
3. Yoona and Kris
1. Yoona and Luhan
2. Yoona and Sehun
3. Yoona and Kai


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