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Bite My Tongue

It's amazing! Gives such a buzz, Oli Sykes just makes it for me, Josh and Oli mix so well together! Love it!

The lyrics are so full of meaning.
Its catchy and you will find yourself singing or humming this constantly.
Oli and Josh sing so well together, one of their best songs so far and is very different to many of their old songs (but in a good way! )

This song has such an Adrenalin rush and a great beat, my favorite YMA6 song! Awesome song and amazing vocals!

This is most definitely my favourite song off their new album. I'm in love with it! It's so good, just everything about the song. It's perfect. Definitely recommend you listen to it.

Stay With Me

Stunning. It has such raw emotion that fills you with an amazing feeling that is so hard to describe. Youll listen to it over and over and it will never come out of your head. Breathtaking...

Gets stuck in your head, just have to listen to it over and over

There is nothing like it. The chorus never fails to get me to sing along!

This song have a great meaning.


Catchy and amzing when you play it loud! Totally love the band, the video and the song. Immense!

I just can't help but join in, this songs easy to sing along with and I've even skipped other tracks I enjoy just to hear it, without the help of you me at 6 trust me, my ipods dull

I love turning this up really loud and blocking out the rest of the world

Amazing and really shows off british talent

Liquid Confidence

This song is what got me into you me at six, and now they are such a huge part of my life! Every word that is sang in this song is clearly just so full of emotion and soul, an absolutely outstanding song by the best band on the planet.

I love this song with every cubic millimetre of my body. Beautiful in every way! If every song showed as much emotion as this, I'd never stop listening to music.

I love this song! one of their best songs

I'll never get tired of listening to this one, josh's vocals are perfect!


This Song is so Catchy! And Meaningful! I Swear, Just listen to it Once and you'll Grow a Never Ending Addiction to this.

This song is so catchy! You can't hate this song, its good lyrics and great bass lines! Love it.

Great song and less heavy on the ear. Love the lyrics and a brilliant way to contrast their usual style

Why the hell is this not in the top 5? It has such great lyrics which mean so much and the swing is incredible!

No One Does It Better

A song that you can sink into. Catches your heart and fills it up with sweet sorrow. Truly an amazing song. Deserves a better spot.

I love you me at six, heard all of their songs, this one remains my favorite. When your music is on shuffle and you skip all the songs, this is the one I stop to listen to

This is an amazing song and so touching I don't know why it isn't in the top ten!

This song is so emotional Josh's accent makes it even better I cry every time I hear this song. It definitely deserves number 1 spot. This has true meaning and is my favourite song in the world. Thank you you me at six for bringing such beautiful music into the world. You guys are my heros

Lived a Lie

One of You Me At Six's best songs ever!

Epic This should be in top 5! Even FIFA 14 loves the song man it is very motivating and has an adrenaline rush if you know what I mean

Just two words... BLOODY awesome...
Probably one of the best I've heard so far...

Sounds amazing I heard first in FIFA 15 it's really amazing! !


This song NEVER fails to put me in a good mood- I always have a massive grin on my face by the end of it

Awesome song of theirs, love the fast lyrics in the bridge

This has to be one of their most awesomest songs ever ALWAYS puts me in a good mood :D & the video is really cool :) LOVE YOU ME AT SIX SO MUCH :'D

Probably my most favourite song of all time.

Playing the Blame Game

Their best song! Its very catchy and I loved this album

Rescue Me

Best song ever, it should be higher up. it has such a deep meaning

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Time is Money

Should be at least top 2. One of the best colabs I have heard from any band. When Winston comes in, the song goes from good to debatably the best song on the album.

Ain't winston mc call enough?

Room to Breathe

I have no idea why this is so low the heavy guitar driven sound is amazing and has me singing along at 5 in the morning after a long night of listening it repeatedly

This song is just so darn catchy!

Wait what? I fully expected this song to be in the top 5 No. 23 is shocking

This is the first and best song I heard be you me at six and the reason why I started listening to them, I's just so amazing!

Contagious Chemistry

Last two words of this song. Yes.
Is an amazing song! YMAS never cease to amaze me.

This song (y) Definitely needs to be higher on the list! X

Songs above this are overrated, especially Poker Face, if your going to but a cover of this high in the list you should have Best Of You! Finders Keepers should be at the top though!

If you had a minute please, then it'd bring you to your knees, this contagious chemistry is killing me

Finders Keepers

I'm actually surprised its not in the top ten because this song is so emotional and the lyrics I just can't get enough of Josh's voice this song is incredible

This is such an amazing song! I really don't understand why this song isn't higher on the list! IT definitely DESERVES TO BE.

Soft, slow and surreal. This song is the unadulterated reflection of going through heartbreak.

Why this is not in the top 10 beats me... the lyrics, the vocals, the emotions that come out of it... everything about Crash is perfect.

Hard to Swallow

Definitely deserves to be higher up. Can't stop listening to it. Such a great song!

WOW this song is so insane the chorus is so catchy! You me and six are definitely the BEST BAND IN THE WORLD and this song has to be up there in the top five. Such emotion has been put into it and Josh's accent just melts me when he sings.

Love it, id say it deserves to be in top five.. Such an amazing song.. Loves you me at six a lot.

23! 23! 2 or 3 yes, but 23 NO!

Spell It Out
The Dilemma

This song is very different from their others, its catchy, fun, and really shows their sound maturing from Hold Me Down and Take Off Your Colours. If I had to direct the video, there would definitely be a burlesque line at the end!

Save It for the Bedroom

Obvious choice, liked the song before the album was even out.

I am obsessed with all their songs but this one has to be my favourite! This is the one that got me super super obsessed!

May be older but it is way better!

Love this, deserves to be top! This song got me into YMAS!

Back Again
Moon Child
This Is the First Thing

I love it! Is like an addiction, definitely one of their best songs.

I don't know why but I love this song

The best song of this band

Always Attract

This song is so beautifully moving and the excellent bringing in of all the electric guitars and drum beat near the end gives me goosebumps! This song should be at least in the top three.

This is the most beautiful You Me At Six song ever! Josh and Elissa's voices mix amazingly together! If your looking for a great acoustic song this is the one

Such a beautiful song! Love the acoustic guitar! Love the vocals! My favorite for sure!

I thought I would be in 1st position... Whats wrong with this wonderful duet

The Swarm

Just an amazing song, you get such a thrill listening to it!

This is the only song I am addicted to right now

The chorus is amazing! It's so catchy, I just wanna blast this song out loud in a car, on the motorway, wind in my hair and just chill B)

Such an adrenaline rush

Should be at least number four, this song is totally awesome! If you like bite my tongue, I think you'll like this one too!


Beautiful, emotional, relatable, tells a story

You can hear in his voice that what he is singing are real emotions he has felt

When the song gets to it's climax and he belts out those notes... Goosebumps

This song always make me had goosebumps when I listen to it. Since the first time I download it I can't stop listening to it.

This song is so amazing, it's filled with such raw emotion and you can just feel yourself connecting to when you listen to it. Beautiful lyrics too. Definitely deserves a higher spot on this list.

Should be number one. Such a beautiful, heartbreaking song. Should at least in the top three. Please hear this song, I'm sure you'll vote this after

The Consequence

The intro is just awesome and then the song just builds from there until you just have to jump about mad and head band at the last part.

Absolutely love this song! To me its better than the underdog, which has been voted second:/. But this is one of my favourites as is "stay with me". =D

Amazing! I literally feel like head banging every time I hear this song, especially the last part of the song!

I love this song. The lyrics are just simply awesome and I listen to it like 1000 times a day

Take Your Breath Away
Fresh Start Fever

I could listen to this all day

Looks so underrated in this list, man! This song doesn't diserve to be in 55th place, it should be in top 10 at least.

How is this not in the top 10?! This is the best song they've ever made- the lyrics, the piano riff... it's perfect!

This song has to be higher up, so amazing! could hear it all day long. Great song, great band

Cold Night

I can honsetly say this is the best song I've heard by the bad and it should definitely be in the top 5 at least! Come on, lets get it up there people!

My Head's a Prison and Nobody Visits

This song according to me, is one their best works and yet not many people know about it. The starting line is completely badass! Makes me wanna headbang and play the air guitar every time I listen to it! The lyrics are extremely relatable! <3 this song is so addictive and the best work You Me At Six!

Jealous Minds Think Alike

How is this not up in the top 10 this is my all time favorite You Me At Six song with a generally awesome tune, So underrated it deserves to be number 1 or in the top three at least, God people get your priorities right.

Trophy Eyes
Safer to Hate Her

This song just has such a good beat!

Catchy lyrics that I can't stop singing!

Poker Face

My head's a prison and Nobody Visits

Nasty Habits

This one is definitely my favorite. I wish it was further up on the list


Plus One
There's No Such Thing as Accidental Infidelity

Love this song so much

Take Off Your Colours

The first You Me at Six song I ever heard. Love it!

Amazing song, Incredible Bass Lines

I love this song it never fails to put me in a good moid

Love Me Like You Used To

Why is this song not in the top 10 :0 really good song, a must listen to.

Little Bit of Truth

Everything about this song is great. Josh's voice sounds amazing and I feel like everyone should look past the singles and look deeper into the album. It's truly beautiful.

One of the more forgotten tracks on the album but if given a chance you'll find out what a great song it is.

Little Death

The vocals for this song are insane I could listen to it forever

Its about dans dad dying, the lyrics are so meaningful

How isn't this higher? This song is litteraly perfect.

How is this not higher?! It's definitely my fave YMAS song so underrated!

Kiss and Tell

I love this! Its actually amazing.. Loving you me at six and this just completes it

Jaws On the Floor

Awesome song! Great beat, totally gives me an adrenaline rush. An addiction at the moment. COULD HAVE BEEN HIGHER! Vote, people, VOTE!

I love JOTF! It's Awesome! Should be at least number 5!

The Rumour

I love this song more than life itself

Tigers and Sharks

I LOVE THIS SONG! It's got so much emotion in it, its always on replay. It always gets me singing along, I just love it. It should be in top 10 at least :) I LOVE YMAS!

The Truth Is a Terrible Thing

This song is way too good to be at the end of the list! It has a classic feel to it and is golden. Should be higher up!

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