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21 Room to Breathe

I have no idea why this is so low the heavy guitar driven sound is amazing and has me singing along at 5 in the morning after a long night of listening it repeatedly

This song is just so darn catchy!

Wait what? I fully expected this song to be in the top 5 No. 23 is shocking

Deserve number 1

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22 Poker Face

My head's a prison and Nobody Visits

23 Hard to Swallow

WOW this song is so insane the chorus is so catchy! You me and six are definitely the BEST BAND IN THE WORLD and this song has to be up there in the top five. Such emotion has been put into it and Josh's accent just melts me when he sings.

Definitely deserves to be higher up. Can't stop listening to it. Such a great song!

Love it, id say it deserves to be in top five.. Such an amazing song.. Loves you me at six a lot.

23! 23! 2 or 3 yes, but 23 NO!

24 Contagious Chemistry

Last two words of this song. Yes.
Is an amazing song! YMAS never cease to amaze me.

Songs above this are overrated, especially Poker Face, if your going to but a cover of this high in the list you should have Best Of You! Finders Keepers should be at the top though!

If you had a minute please, then it'd bring you to your knees, this contagious chemistry is killing me

This song (y) Definitely needs to be higher on the list! X

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25 Trophy Eyes
26 Kiss and Tell

I love this! Its actually amazing.. Loving you me at six and this just completes it

27 There's No Such Thing As Accidental Infidelity

Love this song so much

28 Gossip
29 If I Were in Your Shoes
30 Love Me Like You Used To

Why is this song not in the top 10 :0 really good song, a must listen to.

31 The Rumour

I love this song more than life itself

32 Moon Child
33 Little Death

The vocals for this song are insane I could listen to it forever

How is this not higher?! It's definitely my fave YMAS song so underrated!

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34 Take Off Your Colours

The first You Me at Six song I ever heard. Love it!

Amazing song, Incredible Bass Lines

I love this song it never fails to put me in a good moid

35 Safer to Hate Her

This song just has such a good beat!

Catchy lyrics that I can't stop singing!

36 The Truth Is a Terrible Thing
37 Take Your Breath Away
38 My Head's a Prison and Nobody Visits

This song according to me, is one their best works and yet not many people know about it. The starting line is completely badass! Makes me wanna headbang and play the air guitar every time I listen to it! The lyrics are extremely relatable! <3 this song is so addictive and the best work You Me At Six!

39 Cold Night

I can honsetly say this is the best song I've heard by the bad and it should definitely be in the top 5 at least! Come on, lets get it up there people!

40 Fresh Start Fever

I could listen to this all day

Looks so underrated in this list, man! This song doesn't diserve to be in 55th place, it should be in top 10 at least. - tiagocowboy11

How is this not in the top 10?! This is the best song they've ever made- the lyrics, the piano riff... it's perfect!

This song has to be higher up, so amazing! could hear it all day long. Great song, great band

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