Top Ten Young Indonesian Novelists

Indonesian has a lot of novelist, from teens to adults. But there are some author whose abilities are better than others. Here are 10 peoples who qualified as the top ten Indonesian novelist from all ages. Choose your favorite and vote.

The Top Ten

1 Andri Febrian

His is author of SUPER DUPER novel.

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2 Dee Lestari

Her name became known after the release SUPERNOVA novel of the 2001. Se has released 10 novels until now, and all of her novel are best seller in Indonesia.

3 Amelia Masniari

He is author of MISS JINJING. She is a travelling and shopping blogger but after it made into novel, her popularity increased

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4 Raditya Dika

He is multitalented boy. Author, actor, comedy, and presenter. I just love him, no more!

He has produced many teenlit novels until now. From KAMBING JANTAN to the latest CINTA BRONTOSAURUS. His novels are always sold out in market.

5 Raffreds Northman

He has just launched a novel october 2013. The title is MELAWAN ARUS. This novel was greeted with a good community with many reviews, especially the best design cover.

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6 Tere Liye

He is one Islamic genre novelist. One of his most famous novel is HAFALAN SHALAT DELISA which was released in 2005, but was eventually filmed in 2011.

7 Arry Risaf Arisandi

He is author of DROP OUT novel. His novels have been filmed with the same title. One of the cast is Indonesian popular artist, Titi Kamal.

8 Alitt Susanto
9 Angkie Yudistia
10 Muhammad Muamar

LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP (LDR) his novel became popular in the year and become a best seller.

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