Best Young Leaders of Bangladesh

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1 Barrister Andaleeve Rahman Partho

He is the most handsome politician in Bangladesh

Andaleeve Rahman is currently the President of Bangladeshi Jatya Party and A Member of Bangladesh Parliament. He is One of the most popular politician in the country today

2 Tanjim Ahmad Sohel Taj

Tanjim Ahmad Sohel Taj is a Bangladeshi politician and he was former State Minister for Home Affairs. He is the son of the country's first Prime Minister Tajuddin Ahmad. He was born in Dhaka on January 5, 1970.

He Not only speaks but proves in his actions that he is honest! where as andaleeve partho only speaks of problems but never gives solutions. there are many ways to launch a movement and Barrister partho only spoke of the corruptions but did nothing about it where as sole taj spoke about the wrong doings tried to fix it but quit due to obstacles.

Man of was his father...

3 Tarique Rahman
4 Sajeeb Wazed

Within days of joining the Awami League as a primary member, Wazed, in his capacity as an IT policy analyst, unveiled the concept paper and action plan for the government's ambitious "Digital Bangladesh" scheme; to develop a strong ICT industry in Bangladesh and initiate e-governance and IT education on a mass scale. Wazed emphasized the use of information technology to achieve Bangladesh's development goals. He also noted that the Digital Bangladesh "scheme" would contribute to a more transparent system of government through e-governance, as it would greatly reduce massive bureaucratic corruption in Bangladesh.

He is proactive not talkative

5 Golam Maula Rony
6 Mahi B. Chowdhury
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