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1 Glorious Face and Eye Primer

I use this all the time now and will never go without primer again. It makes the face so smooth as a canvas that is ready for the make up. It smells wonderful also.

This is unreal, my makeup goes on better, stays on, makes it look natural and I have had so many complements on how my make up looks using this... Yes the mascara is the best I have used, and I use all Younique products, the skin care is the best also, and I have used a lot of brands and wasted a lot of money, but no more. - roseromine

Comparing this primer to others on the market is like trying to compare apples to oranges. Nothing comes close. I have used many primers and nothing goes on like silk and blends into your skin like Glorious. Hands down the best primer on the market.

This makes my make up go on flawlessly and I love the feel of it on my skin... if I could bath in it, I would. I also use it in my hair when it's a little frizzy - amazing stuff!

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2 Moodstruck Precision Pencil Eye Liner

Love LOVE! Their Moodstruck precision pencil eye liners, smudge proof!

Smudge proof... long lasting - doesn't come off! Love it!

3 Splurge Cream Eye Shadow

LOVE this stuff! No creasing and beautiful shimmer! New fave!

Only thing I like of Younique's. Everything else has been "meh" in my book

4 Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

I have used all the mascaras out there. High-end, drugstore, you name it I tried it. I never hit on one that I was truly satisfied with. Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes gives me the length I like and the volume I need. My lashes are not as full as they used to be when I was younger. I love how easy the application is and no chemicals. My lashes feel flexible when I wear the mascara. I am forever telling people to touch my lashes. There is nothing else out there that even comes close to this products.

I literally have fabulous lashes that I've only dreamed of having with Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes! Spent and wasted money for years but, not anymore! I have my own natural lashes with 300% increase in volume as well as length! My lashes are growing and getting stronger with every use of my Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes! Thanks Younique for changing my life and my lashes! God bless!

This mascara is unreal! Its seriously magic in a bottle. Nothing will ever compare. The length and volume I get with this mascara is unbelievable. It comes off nicely too and has improved my natural lashes. They look so much healthier!
It is really easy to apply and even better you can add coats to it throughout the day - one coat for a natural look during the day and add another coat or two for dramatic and WOW lashes for a night out. Seriously I cannot express how amazingly awesome this stuff is. Its addicting!

I tried this product 6 months ago and CANNOT wear anything else. IT IS AMAZING. Comes off clean with soap and water and lasts all day and NIGHT. Too amazing not to at least try. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE TOO

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5 Moodstruck Minerals Pigment Powder
6 Uplift Eye Serum

Wow! Uplift feels amazing on my skin and almost instantly fills in the fine lines around my eyes. I love how hydrating this is, without feeling heavy or greasy near my eyes

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