Top 10 Best Your Favorite Martian: The Series Episodes

It is a shame that Your Favorite Martian (the whole project & the series) is still retired. Like Axel Chains said, try not to panic. But guess what. We are panicked! Why? The unfair YFM band retirement. I mean, come on! Seriously? WHY?!

The Top Ten

1 YFMTS Episode 10: ISO Tank
2 YFMTS Episode 5: #1 Fan
3 YFMTS Episode 1: Douchebagged
4 YFMTS Episode 6: G.I.A. GPS
5 YFMTS Episode 3: Zombillies
6 YFMTS Episode 2: Die for Rock & Roll
7 YFMTS Episode 7: Quarantine
8 YFMTS Episode 9: Pity F**k
9 YFMTS Episode 11: Bus Arrest

Axel Chains told us not to panic, because he promised that there will be much more YFMTS episodes. But guess what? YFM retired! Also, Axel Chains, Inky (the cyan ghost from the Pac-Man series) & Amy Rose would make a great BFF bond in Western Canada!

10 YFMTS Episode 4: Bad Seed

The Contenders

11 YFMTS Episode 8: Road Rage
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