Your Mood at the Moment

What is your mood at this very moment? This is a pretty good list even if I say so myself. As your mood changes, you can come back and vote / comment again! Ha!

The Top Ten

1 Loving

Yes definitely! I feel loving a special someone at the moment. You know who! - keyson

2 Playful
3 Indifferent
4 Angry
5 Sad
6 Argumentative

Argumentative? Me? Are you being serious? How the bloody hell would you think I was being argumentative? I was simply relaxed in my seat at the computer, clicking Britgirl's new list, and the next thing you assume is that I'm trying to pick a bloody argument with you! Well, do you just assume that about ANYONE who happens to stumble upon your lists, huh? What if they're just laid back and trying to live in an online cultural community, just to be happy, for the love of God! This is why the internet is full of negativity! Thanks for this, it's just ridiculous that you'd assume such a thing! So what do you have to say for yourself? - PositronWildhawk

Haha! I LOVE the irony... - Britgirl

7 Bored

That's me right now. - cosmo

So bored right now - kylebuschfan18

8 Happy

Still so very happy! :D - Britgirl

9 Lonely
10 Anxious

The Contenders

11 Curious
12 Sexy

Just look at me. I'ma strut down the street in style, and ees gonna look SEXAY - datrandomguy

Your username and that comment... - PositronWildhawk

13 Nostalgic
14 Forgiving
15 Understanding
16 Pensive
17 Phlegmatic
18 Melancholy
19 Sanguine
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