Top Ten Best: "You're About as Useless As..." Observations

Ever heard the saying: "You're about as useless as..." Well maybe you haven't, but I have on occasions. Some have been quite inventive! I've chosen some of my favourite ones. If you know of any more funnier and more creative ones, feel free to add them, or just vote for an existing item.

The Top Ten

1 A condom dispenser in the Vatican

Haha very creative list Britgirl! - ParasN2000

2 A one-legged person in an arse-kicking competition
3 T*ts on a nun

I don't think a list has ever made me laugh more than this one. Thank you for that! - RogerMcBaloney

4 A fart in a wind tunnel
5 A one-legged cat, trying to bury a turd on a frozen lake

This list is actually kind of disturbing... - Pokemonfan10

Poor cat! - Firemist

6 A concrete parachute
7 A bald wig on Bruce Willis

Just thinking about it is so funny - RogerMcBaloney

8 A knitted tea set
9 A football bat
10 A blind person, wearing sunglasses in a dark room. At midnight

The Newcomers

? Wheels on a tomato

I think you know where this is from. - Powell

? Sperm on a tissue

The Contenders

11 An ashtray on a motorbike
12 Aquaman on land
13 A glass hammer

Love this list. - Misfire

LOL... - Firemist

14 An Inflatable dart board
15 A Magikarp Holding An Everstone
16 A jacket in a desert
17 The "G" in lasagna

Why is there a "G" in lasagna? It makes no sense!

What in the world is that? - Misfire

18 A car on concrete blocks
19 A white crayon

Actually, a white crayon can be useful on black paper. - sadical

Let me fix this: a white crayon on white paper. - Misfire

20 Shippings

Romantic or regular?

21 Dead Bugs
22 An empty crate of eggs
23 A pierced condom
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