Top Ten YouTube Animation Critics

Animation critics on youtube are usually unpopular, it isn`t exactly the most engaging topic, cartoons meant for children and maybe adults.Nevertheless, you can still find a good critic, who has a nice personality, and high quality videos.

The Top Ten

1 RebelTaxi

He used to be cool, but then when his podcast started up, be became vain, stupid, relentless and disgusting in every sense of the way. He makes harsh criticisms towards a lot of Youtubers like MrEnter simply because he thinks he is the best, he has a complex that makes him unnerving and you know what...I think he might not be that cool of a person in general. Invited people, especially the important celebrities or cartoon creators is like putting a carpenter in a room with a bunch of tree huggers, you're never going to win him over!

His high quality videos got him to number 1, his opinions are agreeable and his editing is perfection.I enjoy his podcast videos especially, with special guests and engaging conversation. - DapperPickle

2 MysteriousMrEnter MysteriousMrEnter

I personally like MrEnter, he may make a few mistakes at times, but I enjoy his content and he seems like a nice,autistic, guy. - DapperPickle

3 ElectricDragon505 (Animat) ElectricDragon505 (Animat)

Much like my number 10,his screeching can be annoying, but nevertheless he provides good arguments in his videos and has a entertaining personality. - DapperPickle

Animat's voice can occasionally get annoying, but for the most part, he has many great points and is an overall great critic. - phillysports

4 Lewtoons
5 CellSpex
6 Vailskibum94
7 Saberspark Saberspark

I think I can say without a doubt that this guy is now my all-time favorite animation critic on YouTube. One way to put this is that he's a marginally phenomenal example of quality over quantity. Now he may not upload on a daily or weekly basis like most YouTubers, but once he releases a new video pertaining to animation, he's not one to disappoint. He has passion. He has quality. He has detail. For me, those traits are what make Saberspark an incredible YouTuber. So if you're into animation like him, why not take a look at one of his videos? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

8 PhantomStrider PhantomStrider

I'm sure he is good but when he is shouting it is agonising to listen to, and he shouts a lot, and not in a funny way. - DapperPickle

He should be number 1! - 445956

9 MarsReviews
10 Glass Reflection

The Contenders

11 Chibi Reviews
12 Pieguyrulz
13 Jambareeqi


14 The Disney Brain
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