Top 10 Best Youtube Channels With Under 1 Million Subscribers

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41 I Hate Everything

He is one of my favorite YouTubers. His videos often offer a well put together perspective on many trends, and he presents it in a sarcastic and satirical manner that makes them very entertaining. With most of his videos being rants about random things, you might expect it to become quite repetitive, but none of them feel derivative of the others. Something to note though is that he often doesn't focus on the things as a whole, but often fixates on certain aspects he doesn't like. Some people might criticize him for that, but I think that in a 5-15 minute video, he would have to brush over most aspects if he wants to criticize every last aspect of something. Instead, only focusing on the things that truly bother him allows him to give hilarious examples and to fully develop his points. It also allows more time for his interactions with aquaman and kiteman (don't ask, just watch the videos). If you want to have a good feel for his channel, I would suggest his video "I hate minions".

42 Brawadis

Brawadis has the best family on YouTube

43 Nathaniel Bandy

His taste is rather underrated.

Nathaniel Bandy is one of the greatest youtubers of all time, he's much better than PewDiePie. - darthvadern

44 PentaHybrid

A barely known YouTuber that plays all kinds of indie games. He plays a lot of binding of Isaac, and doesn't take any crap from anyone. A word of warning, he is great, but he will call you an idiot if you ask anything personal about him, that includes his real name. - kempokid

45 Robbaz

He is my designated for Swedish gamer. Plus he is funny.

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46 SMG4

Funny machinama's, great guy, high quality videos, Nothing else to say!

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47 TheRunawayGuys
48 Doddleoddle
49 8-Bit-Gaming

Awesome editing, but lack of content.

50 KPopp

KPopp is one of my favorites! Been following her for over 3 years now. She's really funny.

51 Only1Gam3r
52 Pink Sheep
53 Lamarr Wilson
54 XX_HowToBeABadYouTuber2468_XX

He was good, but for no reason he got banned

Why was he banned?.

55 Alex
56 Carson Lueders Carson Lueders

He is a amazing singer and works really hard!

57 ZackScottGames

He's hit 1 million a while ago ( writing this in 2016 )

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58 Ashens
59 GradeAUnderA

Great channel, makes fun of stupid things.

Best channel ever. He's one of the fastest growing YouTubers right now

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60 SomecallmeJohnny V 1 Comment
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