Top 10 YouTube Channels That You'll Either Love or Hate


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21 Good Mythical Morning

I love Rhett! Link is just okay, although occasionally I notice tension between him and Rhett, which kind of ruins the point of watching a YouTube video based off of two 'best friends.' Still an immensely enjoyable channel, and both Rhett and Link have extendable and extraordinary talents! - Flowersocks2137

What's not to like about Rhett and Link? - BKAllmighty

22 Matthew Santoro

I don't understand why anyone would dislike him... If it is perhaps about the Nicole Arbour situation, then in my humble opinion I personally believe that Matthew is innocent in the sense that he was just confused and happened to be in a rather unfortunate situation... - Flowersocks2137

23 Filthy Frank

To some he is the hero of YouTube, and absolutely hysterical. To others he is one of the most disgusting and offensive channels out there. There really isn't a middle ground once you watch his videos. - Jackamalio

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24 Violette1st


25 Laowu
26 Game Theory

I love this channel I don't know why it has all this hate

27 Nigahiga

This channel is still great, it iisn't as good or original as it used to be, but it's still great, he's still funny.

28 Bart Baker Bart Baker
29 TYT - The Young Turks

You either love them, or hate them with a burning passion.

30 Anime America

I already know a lot of people on this website who hate Anime America. Man, I can't believe I actually used to like Anime America! When I finally found out about this channel bullying its viewers, I was like, "Well, Anime America deserves to be hated! Yet, they just happen to be one of the most popular anime channels on YouTube, unfortunately! " - ModernSpongeBobSucks

31 Dcigs
32 Angry Videogame Nerd
33 Dahboo7
34 Xboxaddictioz
35 Guy of 50 Nicknames
36 Master of Luck
37 Element Animations
38 AwesomeDisneyToys

I understand that this is the kind of channel that's "kid-friendly", but when something pops up in my suggested I'm gonna watch it. His voice is annoying and honestly I feel bad for him. - memelord

39 lisbug

Her channel used to be great, but now I hate it, she's turned into one of those losers.

40 Bodil40 V 1 Comment
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