Top Ten YouTube Channels You've Probably Never Heard Of

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1 I Hate Everything

Puts a lot of effort into his videos. Congrats on 1,000,000 subs! He deserves a higher growth rate than a lot of other youtubers!

Even when you don't agree, with him, the videos always have professional-level comedy

He's not scared to be controversial, even though most criticism he gets isn't constructive criticism - Sanicball

Course I've heard of him. he's been my favourite for over a year now. Definitely deserves more recognition from others though.

2 Fisher Rachel

Here is a YouTube user that 99.999999999% of the population has never heard of. Fisher Rachel is a teenage boy from Upstate New York that collects videotapes and listens to phone taps. - anonygirl

3 The Mysterious Mr Enter

He does animated atrocities and

I like his reviews. But he is still obscure to the world. He has a good potential in future

Though nostalgia critic is also under rated he is not as under rated as this guy and let me tell you he is amazing!

He sucks and needs to grow up and stop crying over every bad episode of family guy

4 DaThings1

YouTube Poop

5 Sargon of Akkad Sargon of Akkad, also known as Sargon the Great, was the first ruler of the Akkadian Empire, known for his conquests of the Sumerian city-states in the 24th to 23rd centuries BC.He was the founder of the "Sargonic" or "Old Akkadian" dynasty, which ruled for about a century after his death until the more.

Awesome channel

Unlikable douche who taints the name of the first ruler of the first empire in history. - thearkis

Exellent videos on anti feminism

6 Jack Loves Disneyland
7 Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic is an American web series created, written, edited, directed and performed by Doug Walker.

This guy is one of the most intelligent and hilarious people when it comes to comedy and reviewing all kinds of media, I highly recommend him to anyone who enjoys being entertained to be honest, love you critic you make my day

Nostalgia Critic is... Underrated? Wow. I always thought he was pretty famous. - Pony

Really underrated in my opinion. Check him out if you haven't. He's really worth your time. Trust me!

I'm pretty sure a lot of people know this guy. - MKBeast

8 Jamie Brakebill
9 Dillon the Hacker

I hate him with a passion honestly because of his voice and all the hate he's shown PewDiePie

I've heard of him, and he is a total nutjob.

He is the best exactly...

He is "gay" for Pewds... I'm not hating it's one of his videos and pretty funny.

10 Benthelooney

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11 BrandontheMovieGuy
12 VSauce

Every nerd knows VSauce, but sadly, nobody else does. - PositronWildhawk

Everyone knows who he is!

VSauce may be the greatest YouTube channel of all time! Whenever a new video comes I go crazy! I might be a nerd but Michaels videos are amazing.

If you're a nerd you know VSauce. Otherwise, you're missing out on what may be the best YouTube Channel of all time.

13 It's Ok to Be Smart
14 A Kind Ale War

Not gonna lie, I found this magnificent bastard because of Pyro, and I had to sub after watching his BUM video. One of the funniest people on youtube, check him out.

This poor man needs more recognition so he can earn more money for his rehabilitation. His weight is the same as his subscriber count. Please watch his videos to help him. He needs it.

Greatest Zero Punctuation clone that ever existed.

I really love him and want him to notice me

15 Vinesauce

It's sad that not so many people know about this talented group of streamers.

Joel is one of my favorite YouTubers, although barely anyone knows him. - Brobusky

This channel isint funny

16 Pieguyrulz

He's good, I guess. - TristGamer

He's awesome! - MickJames

17 TeamFourStar

Dbz abridged is awesome!

I love how they put some great jokes, humor and else! It's worth to check TFS And Nostalgia Critic!

Hellsing Abridged for life!

Every DBz fan knows what tfs is infact I bet some of the creators know as well so it shouldn't be here.

19 TheBest CODMinecrafters

I've never heard that

Hey. Braden I love your channel. - TheTopBest

20 PArVines

Very nice short videos! Good job PArVines

It is pure awesomeness

Short, clever, funny!

Awesome sketches

21 Paul Joseph Watson

Love his video on #resist capitalism

22 MrTLexify

I like has top 5 zombie videos.

Really Funny zombies youtuber who actually cares about his fans

23 Zombies152
24 Asap Science

You have to watch how they send you to the realm of unbelievable science facts. - TheRegular1227

THE BEST CHANNEL about educational stuffs.

I only know them because of YouTubers react

The BEST science channel. FULL STOP

25 AfterMathGameVideos

Everybody knows who he is! - peaceswagtv

I don't like his vdeos... Why number one¿?!

26 Dashiexp

No one knows him on the top tens but I do. - MorganChambz

His video SpongeBobby SweatPants is amazing - bobbythebrony

Mah boi Dashie is too good for this world and I know his mixtape is gonna be fire yall when it be 3022

I love him even if he calls my favorite Mario characters except Donkey Kong a b**** - MorganChambz

27 SuperMarioLogan Logan Thrityacre, (born in Florida 1994-) also known as SuperMarioLogan, is an American YouTuber and puppeteer, who makes YouTube videos with puppets and plush dolls.

Best plush YouTuber by far - CaptainChipmunk

Why is BigYoshiFan higher than this?

I know him - DrayTopTens

He's SOOO popular! Everyone knows about him! Personally, I'd watch EpicMarioBros or something, they're much more high quality, and PalutenasGuardian's much funnier. - noo7na7

28 Abbott Productions

The best, murk is a funny yet an appealing-to-watch. His videos are great, I love him and how funny he is. I recommend anyone who is here to watch him.

Love this dude - DaLizts

His Grand Theft Auto V videos are the funniest.

He's the funniest YouTuber I watch

30 McJuggerNuggets

I know him and everyone will know him because their subscribers are raising at rush. But he's a cool and funny channel with the psycho dad!

Psycho Kid and Psycho Dad

McJuggerNuggets Is A Lot Like Johnny Test.Their Spoiled Bratty Kids Who Never Learn Their Lesson And Always Get what they Want.

I know him - DrayTopTens

31 AnimeBroMii
32 SteveGamingCritic

Vote for him please - yk1ll3r

Probably the greatest youtuber EVER - yk1ll3r

33 Blimey Cow
34 BigYoshiFan
35 MrBeast6000

The fanbase is atrocious and the videos are dumb. - Epicsauce45


He is like the late seasons of sonic boom(T.V. Show)
he is aware that he is Rubbish,yet he keeps being Rubbish

36 Escapist

Yes! He is really funny and does reviews on games!

37 BlastphamousHD


He's absolute dogs£@&

He's Ok

38 KPopp
39 ThumbsHunter

A guy who picks out the funniest of YouTube video comments and puts them in his videos. - PositronWildhawk

40 Penguiz0

This guy is hilarious, easily the funniest out there

Beliee it or not, he's also no. 1 for funniest YouTuber! He even beat pewdipie! Didn't believe it, till I saw his videos. You'll laugh your ass off

I read the first comment on this saying there's no damn way this channel could legitimately be no. 1 for the Top Tens YouTube comedians. When I saw for myself, I ghought to myself, Okay, now there's no way he could have actually been funnier than Felix. Then, I saw his videos, I was head over heels on the floor laughing as hard as I did when watching Anchorman for the first time! Check this guy out, He's totally legit!

41 Warialasky

Awesome channel, take a look for Super Mario Parkour is epic and amazing

42 Vic Dibitetto

Watch his Justin Bieber rants. And show them to anyone to hates Justin Bieber. It's really worth it.

You should definitely check out his three Justin Bieber rants. They're definitely worth your time. Trust me.

43 Your Movie Sucks

Long reviews of awful movies. Funny stuff.

44 A Dose Of Buckley

Offers his highly cynical views on headlines. Also reviews bad songs and advice columns.

I knew him from his Top 10 Worst Songs Of 2014 List

45 Pun Diddley
46 RiskRim

He's at 10K subs now and many of you may not know him yet, but he's a gamer who plays horror games and are pretty awesome, you guys should check him out!

I love RiskRim. He's so cool. - ROBLOXMan

47 Pwnagemcgee

Or ABOP, as they like to be called. It's a group of 4+ friends (With usually two controlling things) who play whatever they want, talk in podcasts, and make the best references. The guys are hilarious. - higgsboson2142

48 TedxTalks

My college shows these videos to the class sometimes

49 Quirkology

I know quirkology I have gotten $60 off of them from their bets thank u

Bets you can always win, and the greates mind tricks ever. - ethanmeinster

50 Asalieri
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