Top Ten YouTube Channels You've Probably Never Heard Of

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21 Paul Joseph Watson

Love his video on #resist capitalism

22 MrTLexify

Really Funny zombies youtuber who actually cares about his fans

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23 Zombies152
24 Asap Science

You have to watch how they send you to the realm of unbelievable science facts. - TheRegular1227

THE BEST CHANNEL about educational stuffs.

I only know them because of YouTubers react

The BEST science channel. FULL STOP

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25 AfterMathGameVideos V 2 Comments
26 Dashiexp

No one knows him on the top tens but I do. - MorganChambz

Mah boi Dashie is too good for this world and I know his mixtape is gonna be fire yall when it be 3022

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27 Abbott Productions

The best, murk is a funny yet an appealing-to-watch. His videos are great, I love him and how funny he is. I recommend anyone who is here to watch him.

Love this dude - DaLizts

His Grand Theft Auto V videos are the funniest.

He's the funniest YouTuber I watch

29 AnimeBroMii
30 SteveGamingCritic V 2 Comments
31 McJuggerNuggets

I know him and everyone will know him because their subscribers are raising at rush. But he's a cool and funny channel with the psycho dad!

McJuggerNuggets Is A Lot Like Johnny Test.Their Spoiled Bratty Kids Who Never Learn Their Lesson And Always Get what they Want.

32 SuperMarioLogan

Best plush YouTuber by far - CaptainChipmunk

Why is BigYoshiFan higher than this?

He's SOOO popular! Everyone knows about him! Personally, I'd watch EpicMarioBros or something, they're much more high quality, and PalutenasGuardian's much funnier. - noo7na7

I'm Not Really a Big Fan of Super Mario Logan at All.Because Pretty Much All the Characters are Just Way too Damn Mean in These Videos! The Dad I Think is Just Despicably Unlikible.The Stuff he Says to His Kid is Not only Bad,But I Think it Would Scar Most Kids! It's Not Lack of Support it's Like he's Pretending to Have Nothing to Do With His Child.
Instead,He Sits Around watching"Charleyy and Friends"And Beats up His Son.And You Kinda Really Want this Guy to Love His Son and In the End,I Really Don't! I Thought he was Just Horrible!

33 BigYoshiFan
34 MrBeast6000

The fanbase is atrocious and the videos are dumb. - Epicsauce45


He is like the late seasons of sonic boom(T.V. Show)
he is aware that he is Rubbish,yet he keeps being Rubbish

35 Blimey Cow
36 Escapist

Yes! He is really funny and does reviews on games!

37 ThumbsHunter
38 Penguiz0

Beliee it or not, he's also no. 1 for funniest YouTuber! He even beat pewdipie! Didn't believe it, till I saw his videos. You'll laugh your ass off

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39 Warialasky

Awesome channel, take a look for Super Mario Parkour is epic and amazing

40 Vic Dibitetto

Watch his Justin Bieber rants. And show them to anyone to hates Justin Bieber. It's really worth it.

You should definitely check out his three Justin Bieber rants. They're definitely worth your time. Trust me.

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