Top Ten YouTube Channels You've Probably Never Heard Of

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41 Your Movie Sucks

Long reviews of awful movies. Funny stuff.

42 A Dose Of Buckley

Offers his highly cynical views on headlines. Also reviews bad songs and advice columns.

I knew him from his Top 10 Worst Songs Of 2014 List

43 Pun Diddley
44 BlastphamousHD


He's absolute dogsĀ£@&

45 KPopp
46 RiskRim

He's at 10K subs now and many of you may not know him yet, but he's a gamer who plays horror games and are pretty awesome, you guys should check him out!

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47 Pwnagemcgee

Or ABOP, as they like to be called. It's a group of 4+ friends (With usually two controlling things) who play whatever they want, talk in podcasts, and make the best references. The guys are hilarious. - higgsboson2142

48 Quirkology

I know quirkology I have gotten $60 off of them from their bets thank u

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49 Asalieri
50 MarkCrilley
51 MeltingMan234

Go watch his forgotten media videos.

52 Cinematic Excrement
53 Super Carlin Brothers

They're amazing and their voices are great so they never get boring - CaptainChipmunk

54 Trisha Paytas

It's blndsundoll4mj, and it's just a waste to see her crazy style just bind us on YouTube, who would want to watch this waste of scum on YouTube?

55 Bobsheaux

One of the most underrated reviewers out there.

He makes ANY bad movie hilarious. - thearkis

56 UltraCool Legends


57 Einshine

He's like Filthy Frank, but less offensive.

Wannabe Pewdiepie, Even forces he's girlfriend to to have a fake voice to sound like Marzia

58 MichaelLeroi

He does the "Bad Creepypasta" series. It is hilarious. - GREATEST

59 The Luca Galaxy

Best channel ever - lucagalaxy

awesome - lucagalaxy

60 AntDude
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