Top Ten YouTube Channels You've Probably Never Heard Of

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121 Pen Reviews
122 Sons of Kojima
123 Fringy
124 StephenPlays

Stephen is such a professional when creating entertainment. Yes he may not have the appeal other YouTubers have with vulgarity but even family friendly videos can be hilarious too!

125 The Black Hokage
126 Tom Scott
127 UkieKooki
128 Csp499
129 Forgehouse Films

These dudes have amazing quality fan films mixed with crazy VFX. Most underrated channel on YouTube. Check I'm out.

130 1989gamemaster
131 AnimatedJames
132 Green Shroom Productions
133 Lucas

Hardly anyone knows that channel, because everyone says Fred is dead, after Lucas Cruikshank stopped doing Fred, but a handful of people like me found his channel and found some nasty surprises. - nelsonerica

134 Rayrulz96 V 1 Comment
135 CinemaSins V 1 Comment
136 SiivaGunner

This channel. This channel started as just a bunch of memers' joke. But over time, it metamorphosized into a deep lore, with simple mashups and remixes becoming more advanced, and telling a grand tale of reboots and multiverses, of nigras, nutshacks, snow halating, of those who make mashups and those who seek to destroy them, of fleenstones and of those who play Pokemon Go everYday. - izayaorihara

137 BestAtNothing

He's so underrated, it makes me so mad! If more people knew about this guy, I think he would have over a million subscribers. He can make any game really funny, and the editing is fantastic. B.A.N's just so cool ;-; - PoopyPants

138 TTGMinecraftBoy37
139 Shadow Streak
140 AmandasChronicles
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