Best YouTube Commentators/Video Reviewers

This is a list about people like LeafyIsHere or Pyro, so if your looking for people like Pewdiepie or KSI your on the wrong list.
If I missed any let me know
The Top Ten
1 LeafyIsHere

The most people and by far the funniest video reviewer I've ever seen. - TheNintendoKid

2 H3H3

Leafy is gay

Another one of the most popular video reviewers out there. He's hilarious. - TheNintendoKid

3 Pyrocynical

How can I have a list with one of my favorite YouTubers of all time! This guy got my into watching video reviewers in the first place.

Make Petscop 2 and you'll have my vote.

Leafy clone lol

4 Chadtronic

A lesser known YouTuber, this guy is still hilarious like H3H3 or Leafy

5 LTCorltcorbis

A 12 year old whos funny and swears? Who knew? - TheNintendoKid


A Russian person from Russia - TheNintendoKid

7 Luna
8 The Critical Bastard

One of Charmx's channels - bobbythebrony

9 Rusty
10 WillNE

Hilarious - B1ueNew

Should be first and not Leafy.

The Contenders
11 The Nintendo Kid
12 Josh D
13 MaximBady
14 TrendCrave
15 Memeulous

Should be higher than Leafy.

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