Best YouTube Couples

Just thinking who makes the most cute YouTube couple. Really tough one... But the awesome thing about the YouTube couples is that they are really open in sharing their sweet romantic moments with their YouTube fans. And they're just regular everyday average people like us. That makes us really care for them. Lets add the most adorable YouTube couples in this list..

The Top Ten

1 Laurdiy and Alex Wassabi

They are such couple goals. Here's a reason why. When they were a couple for not even a year, THEY WENT TO HAWAII AND PARIS TOGETHER!

They are the best couple on YouTube! For real! They even have a MATING CALL.

Best Youtube Couples Ever! If you watch videos of them together on Youtube, they clearly have one of the healthiest relationships that a youtube couple could have. Always have eachothers back no matter what happens.

I love them to they are so cute and funny together I even have there laurex sweatshirts I begged and begged to get it because I love them so much

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2 Pewdiepie and Marzia

The cutest couple on YouTube! - Pegasister12

Best ship on the universe’s course through time.Okay,maybe not I Also ship Percabeth.
- Huntress Half-Heart

3 David Dobrik and Liza Koshy

The cutest couple on the internet

They should be #1 on this list!

They're by far the cutest


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4 Jesse Wellens and Jeana (PrankvsPrank)
5 ACE family

They're literally the best on youtube

#1 best YouTube couples


Your myy ace

6 Anthony and Kalel

They are awesome they love each other and that will never change I bet kalel's mom is proud she found such a nice man like Anthony

It's such bullsh*t that they broke up! They were perfect for each other! I like Kalel but this seemed like a strategy girlfriends of famous YouTubers use, date a guy who has a ton of subscribers, date until millions of people subscribe to your channel, break up with them, make your own channel or take over the channel you guys had together, and just feed off of their fame, don't get me wrong, Kalel seems like a nice person, but it seems like she's now just running the channel by herself and feeding off of Anthony's fame, and that fact that this happened, especially after he proposed to her in Tokyo makes me super pissed off, also Anthony looked really sad about it, it looked like he was about to cry. I'll never understand why this happened, because they were perfect for each other

7 Dan and Phil (Phan)

Dan and Phil are goals.

8 Philip DeFranco and Lindsay Jordan Doty
9 Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes

I love them and ship them so hard

10 Ethan and Hila

Literally the parents of youtube

Obviously the best. - Enolaton

WHY ARE THESE TWO NOT ON THE LIST? These two are hilarious! Not only that, they created FUPA, which helped YouTube for the better! In addition, their chemistry is perfect!

The Newcomers

? Popularmmos and Gamingwithjen
? Jess and Gabriel


The Contenders

11 Erika Costell and Jake Paul

They do everything together even when they are not vloging other people that are clogging in the team 10 house they get exposed by kissing in the background and they make a really good team.#jerika4life

12 De'arra and Ken

They are the greatest couple ever. I love watching there videos.

"their ain't no pretend and roll planes you can be my best friend"

My favorite couple in the world. They’re so humble. I love them.

13 Shane Dawson and Lisa Schwartz
14 Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan
15 Joey Graceffa and Daniel Preda

Literally one of the cutest couples on YouTube!

16 Matt Meese and Mallory Everton (Studio C)
17 Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams
18 Wassabi Productions and LaurDIY

Correction it *Alex Wassabi* and LaurDIY..."Wassabi Productions" is Alex's Channel

19 Stampylongnose and Sqaishyquack

Cuuute as nether they are so cute together

So cute together :P

20 Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita

Definitely goals!

The cutest

21 Kian Lawley and Andrea Russett
22 Jacksepticeye and Wiishu

Can't believe it's not on the list already. They're relationship goals.

23 Tanya and Jim
24 David and Liza
25 Gav and Dan (The Slow Mo Guys)

They're not a couple, they just share a YouTube channel - KrazzyMadd

26 Aurey and Vechs (Team Adorabolical)
27 Egoraptor and Mortem3r
28 Aurey and Captainsparklez
29 Colleen and Josh
30 Bobsheaux and AniMat
31 Ray William Johnson and SteveGreeneComedy
32 WhiteBoy7thst and KPopp
33 Roman Atwood and Brittney Smith
34 LeafyIsHere and GradeAUnderA
35 Greg and Mitch (ASAPScience)
36 Johnnie Guilbert and Alex Dorame
37 idubbbz and maxmoefoe
38 Rose and Rosie
39 RiceGum and Sommer
40 Nigahiga and Arden Cho
41 Christine and Ben (Simplynailogical)

Ben and Christine are GOALS

42 Jack and Erin
43 Nay and Meech

There's the best!

44 Karlee Steel and Conner Bobay
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