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1 Rhett & Link (Good Mythical Morning)

They are so awesome together! The perfect duo!

I think I'm starting to ship them... Hopefully no one thinks that's weird. - funnyuser

Why, of course! - SamuiNeko

Most funny and relatable people on youtube!

They are the best!

2 Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla (Smosh)


You rock

The OGs

3 Dan and Phil

For Years and years they have been friends they know everything about each other so many moments that just make me love them even more.

They have helped me through so much and I love them more than words can express.

They make a great duo in my opinion. I mean, Dan is this very negative and sarcastic guy who can relate to many people. While Phil is an adorable ball of sunshine with bright ideas. They are quite different, but that's what makes them a great duo. Combine their characteristics, and you get original and hilarious content with lively people. - Supernatural

Dan and Phil have an unbreakable bond. It makes their audience extremely happy just to see them existing together. They're somewhat opposites personality wise, which also makes them more interesting to watch.

4 Arin Hanson & Leigh Daniel Avidan (Game Grumps)

They just work so well together. Dan's calm personality and Arin's rage balance each other out, and they make a great pair.

5 Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist (ERB)
6 Sam and Colby

They have made me and my family happy throughtout hard times

They are absolutely amazing and helped me through a bunch of hard times in my life. They deserve the world!

Sam and Colby deserve to be #1 they went to jail for their fans I love them so much

Best duo ever. They deserve the world. They are the sweetest and inspiring people I have ever met. They have helped so many people and I love them so much

7 The Dolan Twins

I really like them. Sometimes they can be serious but other times they are super funny. They can also make super serious things into a joke! They also want to stop bullying which I find is great because bullying happens to everyone.

The most amazing people ever. Their videos are awesome and they're really cute too

I love them they make me so happy

Literal angels on earth

8 Jesse Wellens & Jeana Smith (PrankvsPrank)
9 Adam Blampied & Adam Pacitti (Whatculture Wrestling)
10 Steve Here and Larson (Machinima & Going in Raw)

The Contenders

11 Vinny and Joel (Vinesauce)

Literally the only thing that ever made Vinesauce TRULY worth watching in the first place, as far as I'm concerned.

Rev and all the others are just afterthoughts - xandermartin98

12 John and Hank Green (vlogbrothers)
13 Stuttering Craig and Handsome Tom (Screwattack)
14 Luke (SMG4) and Kevin (Hobo Bros)

This is actually SMG4's channel. No lie.

15 Lewis Brindley & Simon Lane (YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon)
16 PBG and SpaceHamster (PB&Jeff)

Two frikin funny guys

17 Mitch Grassi & Scott Hoying (SUPERFRUIT)

This is also a great match! - funnyuser

I love these guys!


3 words, all in caps.

18 Nathaniel Bandy and Charriii5
19 Mitchell Moffit & Gregory Brown (AsapSCIENCE)
20 Noel Miller and Cody Ko

Easily the funniest and most enjoyable duos on youtube!

They're the best for sure

21 Kian & JC (KianAndJc)

They are so underrated because honestly they do what they like to do and that is to entertain people by being THEMSELVES and not fake. They never fail to make someone smile. Honestly the most iconic duo

By far the funniest youtubers I have ever known! They will make you cry tears of laughter, just by being themselves!

They can be inappropriate and immature but other than that they are really funny

By far the best YouTube duo, they were also apart of O2L (Our Second Life)

22 Markiplier and Jacksepticeye (Septiplier)


23 UberHaxorNova and ImmortalHD (Cow Chop)

Woah what, didn't expect to find this on the list. I always saw Cowchop as group bigger than at least 6 people. You also got Brett, Jacob, Asher, Trevor, Joe, etc. and even those who left were not too soon after "replaced" by an another newer employee

24 Ryan & Shane (Buzzfeedblue: Unsolved Mysteries)
25 Ben Singer & Chad James (Screwattack)
26 Benny & Rafi Fine (TheFineBros)

I don't think people are going to React(trademark) to this item very well. - Puga

I have liked them until they made the movie spoilers video. I wanted to punch my laptop until I noticed I just bought it for 4000 php. - Fandom_Lover

27 Matt Watson and Ryan McGee (Supermega)

The funniest boys in town

I absolutely love them, they're hilarious and their videos never get old. Their Podcast never ceases to make me laugh, and it's updated weekly. Ryan's last name is Magee, not McGee. - aieesa


28 Ryan and Sean (Nigahiga)

The best duo since the beginning of the nigahiga channel

29 Adam Pacitti and Ross Tweddell (Cultaholic)
30 Matpat and Stefanie (Gtlive)

They are lit

31 Sophia and Cinzia
32 SSundee and Crainer (Crundee)
33 Ryan and other Ryan (8-bit gaming)

Underrated duo,

They’re the best.

34 Carykh and Fernozzle (Jacknjellify)

BFDI makers. carykh / Cary made a few camps (BAGUETTE, TWOW), EvoSim/, Map/City Generator and a few more stuff. fernozzle / Michael made random stuff and animation. Together they made Battle for Dream Island, a great series. - SoaPuffball

35 Jake and Amir
36 Jordan & Josh Taylor (Blimey Cow)
37 Professor K & N (The Pokemon Evolutionaries)
38 Idubbbz and Maxmoefoe
39 Carly and Erin

Most underrated youtube channel out there.

40 Oneyng-Chris and Pyschicpebbles-Zach (The Hellbenders)
41 Brooklyn and Bailey
42 Jesse and Frank
43 Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint
44 The Slow Mo Guys
45 Chris Howard & Andrew Spads (Diddley Drew)
46 Matt Kowalewski and Pat Boivan (TheSw1tcher)
47 Jontron & Egoraptor (Game Grumps)
48 Laink Et Terracid (Wankil Studio)
49 Colossal is Craaaazy Clown and DJ Killer Keemstar
50 Frank and Zach
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