Top 10 YouTube Features that Were Removed

YouTube had cool features that were awesome, but then they were taken off the site, for whoever knows why. Get ready for a trip down memory lane.

The Top Ten

1 Video Editor

Yep, it's gone (Or will be in September, depending on when you found the list). If you want to make simple compilation videos now you have to take the long way. Apparently no one used the editor.

Google you're making a big mistake, a lot of people use video editor.

It's gone? - PeeledBanana


2 Annotations

Useful for interactive videos!

When was it removed? - MrCoolC

Those boxes that appeared on screen you could click on, or were just for fun little messages, now are replaced with an "End Screen" feature (which will likely disappear in 2025).

To add, existing annotations will remain on Videos, but can't be edited at all.

3 Star Ratings

I remember the star ranking when I was a kid in 2007, 2008 and 2009, I remember you could 5 star ratings to 1 star rating, now it the likes and dislikes

As a general rule, star ratings are useless. They result in a bunch ones and fives and relatively little in between. Video ratings in general, whether they be star ratings or the current like or dislike system, are not good indicators of the quality of a video, especially if the video maker covers a controversial topic, such as feminism or free trade.

Same happened with Netflix - MrCoolC

I'm quite happy these got replaced with the like/dislike system. Ratings were almost always 1 or 5 stars which rendered the other options in between practically useless. - Entranced98

4 Custom Channel Layouts

This was such a cool feature, where you could change the theme on you YouTube channel. I don't know what YouTube was thinking getting rid of it.

Didn't some youtubers have different color buttons and stuff a few years back?

It's gone? - PeeledBanana

This sounds like a great idea, but in some ways it would suck. What if a troll channel put flashing gifs or layered images to slow down or crash your computer? Also, it would be harder to navigate. One channel might put their Subscribe button on the very bottom, while another would put it on the very top.
I think that YouTube should add another form of customizability, but in a way that prevents trolls and still keeps a universal design. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

5 Subscription Collection

This was a feature that allowed you to sort out your subscriptions, and despite its usefulness, it was for some reason removed.

Loved it, helped my have everything that I want, right where I wanted it.

Would’ve been nice if YouTube kept this.

6 Being Able to Play Snake While Your Video Loaded

I remember doing that, I think that it should still be on the site while video is loading. Because it can take about 83483883383838 millenniums. - iliekpiez

I remember played that when the video loads - BorisRule

I remember this. - PackFan2005

That sounds fun, I wish it was not removed.

7 Private Channels
8 Video Responses

This was a neat way to communicate with other users, but was removed from the site. There are different ways to engage with viewers, but they're just not like the Video Responses.

9 The Sidebar

Oh yes, the sidebar. Where you can learn all about the user who uploaded what you were watching. Now you have to scroll down to see that.

You can switch back to the old YouTube - PeeledBanana

10 Honors

These were basically achievements within the site that would be shown in the video description, that were taken off long ago. They were cool, I don't know why they were taken off.

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11 Featured Content

Featured content, videos or playlists that appear at the bottom of the screen on videos, has been removed due to users clicking them away, and being more likely to click end screens and cards.

12 Groups

This was a cool way to share videos among friends. I guess it was overshadowed by texting links on your phone. Or Google+. What?!

13 YouTube Friends

This was a way to add your friends in a category, but was likely deemed useless thanks to subscription collections, so it was gone.

14 Private Messages

These could be useful. I don't think many people used them, though.

15 Discussion Tab

Increasingly gets replaced with community tab instead of co-existing.

16 Video Reactions

Users could react to videos with LOL, what, etc.

17 Comments on Family Videos

I hate that they removed comments and disabled them on family videos and videos with minors, it super annoying, and it doesn't feel the same

18 Private Comments

You used to be able to sent private comments to anyone, like say you wanted to sent a private comment to the uploader to ask something privately, you used to be able to do it, it gone now, now everyone can see your comments, I used to use this back in 2014 when I wanted to sent a private comment

19 Liked Videos in Public
20 Oldest/Newest Sort for Playlists
21 Making Comments on Videos Meant for Kids
22 Favourite Videos
23 Play Videos in the Background
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