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1 Jacksepticeye Jacksepticeye Seán William McLoughlin, better known by his online pseudonym Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTube personality, known primarily for his comedic Let's Play series and vlogs.

Despite Felix having the most subscribers and Mark having more, the fact that Jacksepticeye made his youtube channel because he liked Mark's so much and is now about to surpass him in such a short amount of time says a lot. It's very hard to ignore his magnetic personality and happy energy and that puts him way up there. Mark is a close second for me, and Felix indeed a third. Pewds just feels pasted on at this point and Mark is a little too cocky at times, which brings them down a bit for me. If they were to see this, I hope they take my recommendations and work to improve their channels! MY BOSSNESS LEVELS ARE OVER NINE THOUSAND, THAT BUTTERY VOICE ENCOURAGES ME, AND I BROFIST EVERY DAY!

Jack is a very caring guy that loves doing videos for fun and to give smiles. Yes, he is very energetic and I love his positive attitude. Yay for the one and only Jacksepticeye - ThatFangirl

He is awesome! When I watch Jack's videos they always make me laugh really really hard!

You Da Best

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2 Markiplier

Mark does charity live streams for different things and loves interacting with his viewers as much as he can. I love his personality and he may seem very different when he plays games but he is really a dedicated man to his community. - ThatFangirl

Mark is awesome and in no matter what mood I'm in his shut up nurse saying always gets me up and ready for the day ahead

His five night's at freddy's videos always get's a scare and laugh out of me.

Has the best gaming videos.

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3 Peanutbuttergamer

He has tons of videos and he has the best humor!

Ah, Peanutbuttergamer, you've risen up so high now. Congrats and I wish you luck on your journey. Remember Zelda month is your strong point for me!

He shows you don't have to swear to be funny he was the first YouTuber I ever saw and I've loved him since I am quite surprised too see him at 7 but who cares I hope he is one day bigger than pewdiepie if you haven't seen him before check him out

This guy is hilarious! I watched one of his videos before I went to bed, and hear me out. I kept getting up just to laugh before school. I love this guy and hope he grows soon!

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4 Pewdiepie Pewdiepie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian video producer, and commentary channel. He is best known for his Let's Play commentaries and Vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 60 more.

He cares about his bros, donates often, very funny, and should be number 1 on this list.

His videos are so awesome that me and my brother are watching them every night. His just so awesome.

Love this guy so much, makes me laugh so much. His reactions are hilarious best gamer ever could watch his videos for hours on end

To many bad words

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5 Jontron Jontron Jonathan Aryan "Jon" Jafari, best known by his internet pseudonym JonTron, is an American comedian, reviewer, and internet personality.

The only one person who I think is passionate with things without being a really biased. His humor never feels like he's trying too hard.

JonTron just made me laugh every time he is on-screen. He just very careful about being funny, and his humor is the BEST!

This with out a doubt, my favorite channel on YouTube followed closely by rooster teeth and its subsidiary, the let's play channel.

One of the most likeable and creative youtubers with both his editing and humor, once you watch just one video, you won't be able to stop.

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6 Vanoss

The funniest gamer ever!

I can watch his videos for hours without getting tired. He should be the number 1 gamer.

Funniest Call of Duty player ever definite must watch

Make more Grand Theft Auto 5 videos I'm your #1 fan

He's funny I will admit but only if you're high

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7 RoosterTeeth

They do everything from new games to funny 20 minute lets plays

I love Rooster Teeth

YES! RT is number 1, this is amazing! I watch RT/Letsplay every day and it's absolutely the best channel ever. I'd recommend you watch the Minecraft let's plays if you're just starting with Achievement Hunter.

8 SeaNanners

Talk about someone that plays a game purely for fun. His videos aren't long, but you can tell that he is just a fun guy who enjoys playing with friends. Better than pewdiepie

He has very short videos but makes them all funny. Plus he always plays with friends

Nanners is an awesome gamer as well as having an amazing sense of humor that the audience can easily relate to! I highly recommend him for his dolphin laugh and contagious smile!

9 GameGrumps

Danny and Arin make me smile because of how real they seem. Magnetic laughs will get you as many laughs and smiles from me as everyone else, Grumps!

Literally the best. Like, real talk? Literally in my top ten.

The best when JonTron was part of it!


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10 Chuggaaconroy Chuggaaconroy

How is this guy not in the top 10? Stupid Skydoesminecraft...

Take something boring, and make it good. That's basically chuggaaconroy.

How this guy isn't in the top 10 amazes me. He was one of the first gaming channels on YouTube to get popular and is an inspiration to many other gaming YouTubers. He has made internet memes such as "Steve the Pikmin" and the "NO Coin Left Behind Movement." Some people criticize him for being overrated, when really, he is very underrated, and I mean VERY.

Funny actually lets plays unlike most on list

The Newcomers

? Hobo Bros

The Contenders

11 CaptainSparklez

Great Channel Subscribe to him (If you like Minecraft)

If you have not subscribed to him do it his videos are epic

Him and AntVenom are the the best minecraftians!

He is the most logical Minecrafter on YouTube right now.

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12 TheRPGMinx‎

Not many strong female youtubers exist, and unlike most other female gamers I've seen, she's make herself known. She is able to put herself out there and be strong against the harsh comments and embrace her sexuality despite the possible reactions. If this isn't an amazing personality, I don't know what the heck of a world you live in, weirdo.

She is LITERALLY the best female YouTuber out there, because every one else just looks at their beauty in others. She knows how to be sneaky, lie, and play hard and nasty. Minx is HANDS DOWN the best YouTuber, at least as a female. JennaMarbles, IJustine, etc... Their channels focus on their life, boring! Minx plays hardcore games, while also has a awesome accent, that sounds as evil and mysterious as her wicked personality. If I don't see her ranking higher soon, I'll flip!

I love Minx! I truly enjoy all of her videos, her and her wife, Krism, are the only females I really watch on YouTube. She deserves to be at least in the twenties.

She's so the best

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13 TheSyndicateProject

How is syndicate 14th? He is the best Call of Duty commentator hands down.

"The King of the trains."

He treated this guy he worked with (an animator) really badly. I think the guy didn't get paid for his share or didn't get credit, and then the sydicate projecet and this terrible guy named "keemstar" (Drama alert, uh ew) harassed him because of it on a livestream. Disgusting. Terrible people.

14 TheGamingLemon

The pure amount of effort this man puts into his video's is ridiculous. He deserves so much more just for the shear amount of work he does.

BY FAR the best youtuber who puts a lot of time and effort into his videos and edits them with sound effects music and more THE FUNNIEST THINGS I'VE EVER SEEN! CHECK HIM OUT!


15 Sky Does Minecraft

The best guy I know for minecraft I look up to him and ihascupquake. He is my top minecrafter and youtuber. He makes me laugh smile and make me happy. I hope he stays this way no matter what and I love butter.

Skydoesminecraft makes all his viewers laugh! He is a great guy who cares about his friends and keeps a smile on his face while recording!

Sky is every day making people laugh with his friends. Check him out for minecraft and for laughs.

Sky is so funny and always seem to crack the funniest of jokes! He is my favourite Minecraft YouTuber and I hope it will stay this way.

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16 SmoshGames

You can see the heart and joy that pours into every video. It's obvious they just want to have fun, and I have fun with each and every video I watch. The individual personalities clash to create a sort of chaotic harmony of hilarity.

Smosh Games is awesome

They are hilarious and always have so much fun.

"This game looks more like an unpredicted Halo sequel" - WHAT THEY THINK ABOUT C.O.D: INFINITE WARFARE!

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17 MinnesotaBurns

And you suck at spelling deadhammer.

Srsly you guys suk at piking - deadhammer156

18 Officialnerdcubed

He probably puts more effort into making his videos than anyone else here. He makes himself funny by editing down hours of footage into a 20 minutes. He is so professional at editing and he makes it look easy. Should have way more than a million subs


19 TheJWittz

A funny good you tuber who should be higher on the list. stupid pewdiepie

He is funny and a great guy so why isn't he higher

20 Ohmwrecker

Uploads crazy amounts of videos and is very funny I watch him from day to day

Ohm does a great job in maintaining his channel and contacting fans!

Yeah he is great! Especially if you like to watch Rust. - ThatFangirl

21 KSIOlajidebt‎

He's the funniest gaming YouTube in uk

22 TheRunawayGuys

Take three awesome YouTubers and put em into one best YouTube channel ever

23 TheGameTheorists


24 Matt Shea
25 theRadBrad

I'm a big fan of Brad. He's one of those guys who can easily expand his popularity if he wanted but chooses not to. - EdF4

Makes great videos he should be in the top ten at least

TheRadBrad is very popular he should be higher than 10!

This guy makes awesome commentaries

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26 Yamimash

Used to like him, not as much now, but he's still pretty good. Markimash is a no go, but Septiplier is a yes! Still love you Yammi!

27 Cr1tiKaL

Why isn't he higher?


How is this not in the top 15 at least?

If you watched his "how an AVGN epusode is made" video then you know that this guy puts A LOT of effort and money into making this series. Most of the channels above wouldn't even exist without him.

He'd rather have a buffalo take a diarrhea dump in his ear

All he does is hate on good nes games like CV1 and CV2 and destroys good nes games HE SUCKS!

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29 PopularMMOs
30 Sonic8000

He's very down to earth and is easy to connect with. He doesn't bullshit about anything (ever) and just puts out genuinely funny and interesting content. He doesn't have the most fans, but he's worth a shot so anyone who's never seen him should give him a chance

32 H2ODelirious

This is the funniest gaming channel I have ever sean

The laugh is incredible and being friends with Vanoss puts him up higher!

Great videos and he's funny Asf

33 Cobermini456

Best lets plays ever!

34 Kwing

This guy just rocks and has over a thousand videos!

35 Cryaotic

How is cry not in the top 10? I mean, come on now. I found him from pewds and when I started watching his gameplay, I thought he was just like any one else but then after time I slowly became attached to him and I think he deserves more recognition then he already does.

That voice is so calming and his reactions are hilarious!

Seriously? He should be at least in the top ten...You guys suck at doing lists -_-'

I don't know But cry... He's just so real. He's way better Than pewds, and that comes from a bro. He should really be in the top 10

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36 The Game Theorist

44, seriously? He's really really good!

He should be higher like 40th

37 That One Video Gamer

The Completionist series takes game reviewing, which has all been looking generally the same recently, and actual sets out to finish what he's started and tell you if the game is worth your time finishing it or not. Funny and original, it deserves an even bigger audience.

I love this Chanel because of the completionest

38 Yogscast

Yogscast... the original kings of YouTube and by far put most effort into their work so vote for them - bob_mc_bobinson

The Yogscast puts more effort than you realize into each of their videos.

The best and most amazing channel on earth

Yogcast are the coolest people I know and I love jaffa cakes

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39 DanandPhilGames

Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil it's hilarious especially the horror games and the sims 4 because who doesn't love Dil

Why is this not higher up this channel is 4530958309% better than the fake pewdiepie. Just saying - shrekinjeans

My boys are hilarious, beautiful and just precious.

At least they're in the top 50... Right?
These two are funny, not because they pretend, but because they're chemistry and how the work together and how they make each other laugh.

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40 Green Scorpion

Some of the best top ten listers out there

41 TheDiamondMinecart

I think he is the best YouTuber for kids everone and he never cuses or yells like other YouTuber's.

42 Caddicarus Caddicarus Caddicarus (James Caddick) is a British YouTuber who started YouTubing around May of 2012. He makes reviews on Sundays, with the Caddicarus show, and he makes random videos on Wednesdays with the Caddy show.

Caddy deserves to be in the top 15 near PBG. Pours a lot of time and effort into his videos and will always bring a smile to my face regardless of what he reviews.

Do more hardcore with pbg caddy

43 DashieGames DashieGames
44 Caveman Films

He is just like sky does Minecraft

45 Machinima

Great I love his top 5 creations please vote he deserves it HE IS EPIC!

46 Tobuscus Tobuscus

He's absolutely hilarious, my favorite after pewdiepie, he can make me laugh instantly, and his crew too. I can watch him for hours. (NobodyEpic, Jahovaswitniss, ShadowBeatz, Deluxe4, Deluxe20)

48 Cinnamon Toast Ken
49 The Wiiviewr

It's nice to see the kids side of things!

50 Stampylonghead Stampylonghead

He is the nicest person

Incredible YouTuber for young children

Stampy is so cool! I mean it suit for all ages!

I think he should be higher than dantdm

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