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He's absolutely hilarious, my favorite after pewdiepie, he can make me laugh instantly, and his crew too. I can watch him for hours. (NobodyEpic, Jahovaswitniss, ShadowBeatz, Deluxe4, Deluxe20)

42 DanandPhilGames

Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil it's hilarious especially the horror games and the sims 4 because who doesn't love Dil

Why is this not higher up this channel is 4530958309% better than the fake pewdiepie. Just saying - shrekinjeans

At least they're in the top 50... Right?
These two are funny, not because they pretend, but because they're chemistry and how the work together and how they make each other laugh.

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43 The Wiiviewr

It's nice to see the kids side of things!

44 Stampylonghead

He is friendly and for children he plays with his Minecraft helpers l for lee, iblasticsquid, Amy lee, squashyquack finball

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45 VenturianTale

They usually show emotion during roleplays. I find them interesting.

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46 Vinesauce

Vinesauce deserves to be higher on the list.

47 Robbaz

He's godlike the king of Sweden

No. Just just... Just no.

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48 Mr360Games

He is so awesome and deserves credit

49 BajanCanadian

The Canadian and Baka are a great duo!

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50 Animalguy001
51 2013htoutlaws
52 TheDiamondMinecart
53 Gametime with Smosh
54 Bananapielord

He tells you a lot about the games he is playing and also tells you about all his gaming plans. I findhim very interesting

55 TrueMU

Friends with Sky! Only better

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56 Thinknoodles

Minecraft with a lot of other great games

Love his channel! Check it out

57 LDShadowLady

Really random and entertaining. Always makes her videos funny, new and full of exciting things. Check her out if you haven't already

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58 GassyMexican

Does a killer Markiplier impression!

His Gmod videos with Nanners, Sparkles, Sark, and all the others are just hilarious!

59 SSundee
60 Videogamedunkey
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