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61 LDShadowLady

Really random and entertaining. Always makes her videos funny, new and full of exciting things. Check her out if you haven't already

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62 GassyMexican

Does a killer Markiplier impression!

His Gmod videos with Nanners, Sparkles, Sark, and all the others are just hilarious!

63 SSundee
64 Videogamedunkey
65 Jev

Funniest Call of Duty commentator ever

66 DashieGames DashieGames
67 Purplerodrei
68 zackscottgames

Great Minecraft videos. Also other great games too

69 BirgirPall

They may not have a lot of subscribers but I believe they are amazing! Just go see for yourself, enjoy their videos and vote for them on your way back to this site :D

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70 Cjszero01

He has good reviews, great countdowns, and he even makes creative videos he calls 'forbidden fruits. '

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71 Deluxe 4
72 nickbunyun

Better than most listed, just not very known

73 Nerdcubed

Funny witty British guy who reviews all sorts of games not just mainstream games.

74 ShadowBeatz
75 Sidearms4reason
76 YoshiToMario
77 meatwagon22

Amazing content funny let's play and minecraft

78 FRANKIEonPCin1080p

Seriously, he is the best gamer I know. He has the skills, and he is hilarious. Love him!

79 ChicksCanGameā€ˇ
80 ZoeyProasheckā€ˇ
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